Sun Heat damage to Super Skunk

UGH!!! Had a major heat wave in Socal, my Super Skunk, in 3 Gallon bucket burned in 108-116 degree weather for 1.5 days. She was healthy, 2ft+, perfect in foxfarm soil prior to the heatwave. I have brought her inside, spraying leaves, lots of dry ones but I see some green growth and the stalk is healthy. What do i do, remove dry/partial dry leaves, keep misting? Weather has dipped to upper 90’s, forecast is lower 90’s next few weeks. I planned this to be my mother ‘clone’ for the fall/winter and plan to keep her vegging a few month.


It looks pretty crispy, but, it’s a weed. I’ve seen them come back from worse


Yeah, cannabis is pretty robust. I would just make sure it’s cooler and has enough water. Put it in the shade if it goes outside. It’s not like you need a lot of nutes or light for a mother plant. I’ve got a mother under 100 watts of CFL 18/6 and I feed it 1/2 strength grow nutes. I have to keep trimming it or it hits the lights.

I just brought back some plants from what I thought was certain death. Keep them out of direct sunlight and high temps for a bit, maybe indoors where it’s cooler. Fully soak their soil with pH’d water.

The damaged leaves will eventually dry up and then you can pull them off.

I’ve got a few friends in SoCal. High temps and the power went out. Ugh.

Wow, this plant looks pretty cooked! That sucks! Sorry man. It could bounce back though. May come back even stronger than before! I didnt realize it got that hot out there. Lol. Im in the heartland. We get high heat but more humidity than anything. We can get temps up to 102 but ive never had it burn my plants like that.

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cut dead sections of leaves. leave healthy section of each leaf. mist to help.
keep in shade. suggest larger dose of nitrogen to aid recovery.