Summer time dirt grow


Im thinking about growing in dirt because once it gets hot I can’t keep my reservoir temperatures down in a 5 gallon bucket. Plan on using a smart pot or the fabric pots and I was just wondering what type of dirt you guys use


I’m in coco and I’m loving what I got going the PH is just funny if you let it dry out


Ive never tried coco either how often does it have to be watered to keep from drying out?


Promix hp or bx.


Where you you get promix i haven’t seen that in the stores . Do you order it ?


Amazon is where I get mine.


I get my Promix at my local grow store or hardware store in grow season. I find most members on the forum use Fox Farm, Promix or coco. Some mix their own as well.


Thanks guys


Coco will require more attention. I love it, personally. I’m having to feed daily once they get later in veg and into flower. When they’re younger, you can get away with skipping a day, but not any longer. Coco is designed to retain about 30% oxygen in the medium, making it hard to overwater. You do need to feed earlier than if you’re using a soil with nutes in it already. Coco has no nutes, so what you give them is what they get.


I’m watering every other day now but you can water everyday depending on your set up


I need to follow some of your grows I’m new to coco


This is my first time using coco. I’ll tag you into my current journal


Okay mines to I’m running a 2 gal set up in a 3x3x5 with 2 300wat leds and I’m not watering everyday I’m going to try it are you watering till run off or you running a drip?


I water til 20% run off every time.


Okay I’m in week 4 all most 5 so I’ll be finishing up with you and getting some new Genetics to but I’m gone run gold leaf again thinking about power plant or chem dog