Summer is here let's save on the electric bill

Ok getting ready to go !!. A really good friend handed me a few new girls he crossed these with blue dream and god bud wtf love both strains hope I don’t muff this up.Planning on putting the clones in around the10th . Going to be outside using 20 gallon fabric pots baby bu’s compost. Also bu’s biodynamic brew compost tea first time going straight organtic , girls will be arriving. Friday will be posting pics of the progress .here’s a pic of one of the clones from mom she’s just about ready but she’s a indoor girl can’t wait to see what they are capable of without any topping and lst @Missiles @Guy @monkman @elheffe702 sending more laterreceived_429002114332048


Thank you for the tag :grin: I definitely will be following along. I love this time of year with the outdoor grows :wink: good luck @Smokinnuggs :grin:


thanks for the tag @Smokinnuggs. hadn’t heard of god bud. gl with your summer project.

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Me too. I agree with @Missiles. I don’t have the space for an outdoor grow, so I live vicariously through you guys that do! Best of luck, and I’ll be watching! :v:


Oh boy, here we go!


Little set back will be 10 more days till girls arrive patients is a virtue so I’ve been told

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