Summer is Here at Last, Down-under 2019

Hello All,

While mainland Australia is burning, down my way its been very cool. In fact single digits Celsius cool. No matter Ive started regardless. This seedlings are 17 days old. They were started inside, under 36 W tubes, then upped to 110 W tubes for 7 days. On day 7-8 they are now outside full-time. They go into a greenhouse at night to protect from the cold and critters. I have a mix of 3 x WW, 2 x JH, 1 x AK-47 - All Autos plus 1 x NL#5 feminised. I lost 2 auto’s that germinated, but did not produce cotyledon leaves. So losing 2 from 8 is not bad.
I am using Canna Professional(first time) this year for 3 of the autos and my own usual mix of premium potting, compost(store bought), B & B, some perlite and vermiculite. But not as much as last year as the roots I feel are tough and will find their way through anything. Making the medium too soft and fluffy is unnecessary I am starting to believe. IN fact in the jiffy starter square pots I use that go straight into the grow bags, this year I packed in the seed starter as hard as possible. In less than 7 days there were white root tips out the bottom of each pot. I potted-on straight away.
If we had more warm days they would be a little further along I feel. But nevertheless they appear healthy and getting bigger each day.

I have added some pics from last year’s efforts to remind me of why I love this hobby so much. The purple heads are NL #5 and 4-5 months old. It is very sleepy time smoke and mellow. I experimented with molasses and the surgery. I ended up with alot of sweet crystals


Fantastic start on the seedlings they look great. Nice buds also.

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Nice looking plants. I noticed the one plant has water all over the leaves. In the sun the beads of water will act as a magnifying glass and burn the leaves.

Actually water is on multiple plant leaves.

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HI MrPeat,

the photos are taken round 7.00 am or so, still fairly cool then. Never had any issue as long as I water before it warms up. It is now 11.36 am and just hit 21 deg C/70 F…they are all(leaves) preying to the sun.

Where I live(next stop Antarctica) they have to be tough as we can have rain showers/ heat & sun cycles throughout our days. I can’t be running round after them. But I get your point and I do not intentionally water them in the heat of the midday sun. We experience crazy temperature changes, they have to be able to handle it outside, and so far far they are. Our outside grow window is so short. If its a cool Dec, then that only leaves Jan, Feb & March up until about mid April when it gets cool plus short days… They would be larger if we had warmer days…

I know all to well how heat is like. We can have the 4 seasons happen with a 2 hour time frame. We are getting a serious Arctic Blast here along The Valley in Texas. We hit over 50 degrees Celsius and can hit as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

I couldn’t grow down here in the outdoors even if it was legal as the insects, birds, and mammals would eat it for water.

Stoked, looking top notch!

Hi I am an Aussie to just a little more South West :slight_smile: my seedlings are about 10cm high, and seem to have stopped growing, any advice?

Need more information aussie 84. like alot more information and or pictures?

Pickys would help bro auz here too