Summer heat and long veg period

So I thought I had my basement grow room dialed in, but bloom setting on my lights combined with the early summer heat is too much for my setup. I will be harvesting the remainder of my mature plays next week, but have seedlings already started. I am going to have to leave these in veg until the cold nights return (two and a half months). 5 plants in a 4x4x8 tent. Should I cull a plant or two?

I did 5 plants in a 4x4 on my last indoor run. It was crowded. But your success depends on which strains you are growing, how strong is the lighting, and how well you trim and control growth.

My approach is to start more plants than I need, expecting to lose some, or cull some out.
I started with 2 each of 3 strains. Before I dropped in the SCROG screen, I pulled the smallest one out. I should have removed another one or two. For my setup, three full sized plants is about right.

Do you recommend doing this as a Scrog grow?

And, is 2.5 - 3 months of veg time too much?

How hot is too hot? What do you have for ventilation?

I’m having trouble keeping the tent below low 80’s. It’s a 300+cfs fan. I’m running a 1200w viperaspectra light.

Sounds about perfect to me lol. DO NOT harvest your grow early because of that!

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I hope it’s understood that in late flowering your fan leaves turn brown and die.
So it might not be the heat from your setup.

Different strains will grow at different rates and stretch differently. If you’re doing all one strain, and you have alot of headroom, maybe let it fill your tent naturally. Personally, I usually start training my plants with the scrog trying to fill the corners and open space. But I stop training at the screen once I think I have enough nodes exposed to light. I believe in multiple toppings early to help the plants spread, and I use string and wire to direct where I want the spreading to go. Other people are way more dedicated to scrog training. I don’t get nearly the number of fat colas that other people are getting, so I have room for improvement.

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We had one hot day and the temperature in my tent almost hit 90. When the hot weather comes (July and August) I’ll be cooking my plants if the light is on bloom setting. I have a lot of heat stressed and dead leaves on the colas and upper part of my plants right now… yeah, this is different from the desiccated leaves on a mature plant.

Naw, they are mature and ready. Maybe a week early for a couple of them. This thread is more for planning purposes for the next 4 plants.

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@Newman44 -
What kind of lights are you running?

I do around 60 days of veg on my grows and run SCROGs:

That’s a roughly 2x4 scrog - not completely filled, but generally takes up half of my 4x4 tent.

My lights-on temps are in the mid-80s and my humidity is around 40%. We don’t have super warm days so my night time temps are still down in the low 70s. I would personally be totally fine if my tent hit 88F every day with the lights on.

I agree with Budlite re: training. If you have to go 60 days you could fill the tent with just two plants and proper training. Since you have 5, I would run them all and see where you are in a month. Then decide. Hehe. Why do something today you can put off until tomorrow?!


It’s a 1200 watt LED viperaspectra. Almost no heat generated on veg setting, but it heats things up pretty good on bloom. I also have two smaller lights I used over the winter to increase lighting intensity.

So this next grow is white widow, Afghan, indica, and Banana kush. I’m hoping all will work well together. It’ll be my first scrog grow and my first attempt at extensive pruning and training

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I recommend - based on one of my own failures - putting them on their own individual screens if you can. At least the different strains. When you get to the finish line you’ll be happy you did if you need to harvest them at different times.

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I would not have considered that. Thank you!

One problem in a crowded tent is that one plant grows big and shades the others.
Another risk in a long grow cycle is more opportunities for mold, bugs, or equipment failures that cause you to lose plants or reduce yield.
Many tent growers like Autoflowering plants with a quick cycle and less exposure to risks. If you lose one plant, it’s not 6 months down the drain.

Also, during your planned 3 month veg, you can start another generation of clones that might be better timed for the cooler season.

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