Summer grow GCP and Slurricane

First time doing this online but I’ve always kept a log for my records. Really trying to perfect the grow and come out with some top shelf product. Followers and help and criticism is much appreciated.

Here’s the girls I got.
GCP (Gorilla Glue x Forum Cookies x Mendo Purps)

Slurricane (Doisdos x Purple Punch)

Organic growing using Bio Canna Nutrients


Looking nice!

Have you considered some low stress training?
These methods help increase harvest… I was hesitant about it myself at first… but give it a try on one, you won’t be disappointed.

Look up the tie down method. It’s when you lower the main top and the rest of the plant grows fast to catch up.

Happy growing!

Update: 7-2-21
Preformed LST
GCP strain is more sensitive than the Slurricane.

Soil PH has been a little high. Both slurry test and run off measure at 7.4 when I first noticed. Gave a good flushing. Adjusted water going in to 6.0 and top dressed both plants with peat moss in hopes of dropping PH. Seems to be working well as the last watering PH in was 6.5 and pH out was 7.1.

I believe the root of the problem could be one of two things…. The Kelzyme I have is derived from calcium carbonate which I have come to find out raises ph. So did I OD the soil with it…? Or my home brewed compost I mixed in had a ph too high to start.

Lesson learn, next time I will test PH of soil before planting and make adjustments if needed then instead of playing catch up.