Summer finally here downunder

HI all,
Want to share photos of my little outdoor grow. These AF’s are a mix of Jack H, White W, and Wedding C + 1 NL fem’. We are 4 weeks into summer but it has only just warmed up to temperatures of 28 - 32’ deg C. While these plants are approx. 4 weeks old, their first 2 1/2 weeks they had to endure temperatures as low as 2 deg’ C overnight and 15 deg’ C during the days. I start them inside for 5-7 days then they are outside fulltime. I have a semi closed greenhouse for them to handle the cold nights but mostly they have to handle it. Im surprised at how they have kicked on this past week when it warmed up.
I have one question: Notice the leaves on the NL feminised are a little twisted and of an odd shape? that said the planting medium/watering schedule is the same for all and they all receive the same nutrients.
Potting mix is mixture of premium Osmocote + Perlite and Coco mix: 6.2 - 6.5 pH. Water is adjusted to 6.0 pH. Started feeding extra nutrients at 3 weeks - Canna Terra Vega at 1/2 to 3/4 strength every 3-4 days depending on the temperature. If its cold, I lay off feeding and watering.

These last 2 photos (unknown) is a JHAF that was so small and mis-shaped i was about to throw it. But stuck it into a veggie patch just to see what it would do. It is small but it’s growing!


Very nice indeed. Winter is just around the corner for me. happy growing :bat: :crazy_face: