Summer 2018 skunks screaming for a cure......😎


Remembering cleaning the Colombian on the album covers so many memories and seeds lol.until the sensi hit that and my favorite red bud yum yum

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Yep… the gold and the red…high and vinyl…goood times👍


Nice to see some here in my age group :+1:

I have a great appreciation for when the sensimelia showed up from Humboldt and the end of bags of mostly seeds with a little flower on the side.

As you mentioned the Vets were the only real source of good stuff, if you happened to know them, which I did. Everything from the opiated red Thai Oil to the genuine Thai Sticks that were around for a brief period before people started hoaxing fake Thai Sticks. I still recall pulling out a propane torch and glass pipe, taking one hit off a single drop of oil, having a coughing fit and when it was over a high equal to the best now.

Saw lots of fake Acapulco and Oxaxcan, but only had the real deal once and only then because the source was from that region. First time I ever saw a single joint get a whole room of people high. He ended up at a party with a bunch of my friends and his little bag of gold became the hit of the party.

Now I walk into a store in Anchorage and buy anything I want. The first time of legally buying, already being over 60 was kind of a religious experience. In line with me were people my age, still in their suits having come from downtown office buildings and looking around it hit me how wonderful it really was.

Beautiful photos of your grow!!! Thanks for sharing.


Hey Blaine,

‘Thanks for the comments…It was a great time to be in the mix back then…Good people sharing good smoke and not focused on the money side…today the greed by everyone including the stock market is very disappointing…I grow for the love of growing and the benefits it provides to myself and others…part of my inner circle are brothers and sisters as far back as 1969…the circle is smaller by the fact some have passed on, but we are always gathering in their memory…our co-op takes no money for the flowers…it’s all about the sharing and healing that occurs…that’s priceless…:v::sunglasses:


GG4 nuggets getting really sweet…Been down and curing since 12-15-2018…gets better every day…

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That looks absolutely delicious did it turn out as well as you hoped are you able to get that sleep @dynamo ?


Sleep is great and the edibles are a hit with my circle…The entire spectrum of this grow was top shelf… weight, texture, and taste…interesting tid bit is the taste has a hint of the old landrace strains Columbia and Acapulco gold…I find this strain or at least this particular grow to have a high amount of sativa genetics…the indica is there too but more subtle…the grow structure and then the flavors that are popping out at this point scream sativa…Loving it…:v::sunglasses: