Summer 2018 skunks screaming for a cure......😎


End of growing beginning of summer …my ladies hate the heat…


Those look really swollen. Looks to be 99% burnt hairs. Better start checking trichs


Can you take pic’s in natural light. We can tell much better with natural lighting. Thanks



These were pushed out to the max point on purpose…The result was exactly what we wanted for application…Heavy sedative for sleep…Not to be used for anything but…The lights are deceiving… But you are correct the degradation point had been saturated on this plant…We experiment a lot using microscopic determination for what point we want energy and the opposite effect…This one was to get into rem as soon as possible…our grows are large enough that we can experiment up to the point of losing a small sample to extreme growth or early harvest to get our dosages in various stages of medicinal effects…The goal is not to get blasted it’s to enhance the effects on each persons need…
Thanks for your insight…:v::sunglasses:


Good am Will…I will see about doing that for the group…Being adverse to data sharing and how it will be used is a concern for us…We go back to the sensemilia days in the early seventies…lived in the Sonoma valley and had different locations going into Humboldt. It was a great time to take the plant to new levels…Most were getting Mexican brick, maybe some good oxaxcan, Acapulco, Columbia gold, Panama red etc…We also had vets bringing tai stick back to San Diego and moving it into the states…I’m telling you my age at this point…the new age of crossing and back breeding is a new frontier and fortunately the world is catching up with what we have been knowing for eons…As for photography I will try to get some natural light shots of the GG4…The strain has tremendous potential as you well know…:sunglasses:


Hey will, hopefully this will shed some light on the matter.


Now that’s an awesome grow.
I really liked what you said in post #5
That brought back the good old days i’m 66 by the way so i new what you were saying. But did you have a problem with one or more plants or just showing your grow ?
By the way what’s your name ?


Hey will,
My name is Jim. I too am 66…Old school hippie and still loving my plants…I posted that skunk pic to show how far I took it out before harvest…It was a great result for the purpose we wanted…The feed back was tremendous…We are having great results with, pain, sleep, also recently with shingles on that grow…Made topicals and the result on shingles was a three day improvement while decreasing pain by 80%…Arthritis is also being managed very well with trichs going almost to the end…
So you remember the good old days when top shelf was in small circles and quietly discussed…
Glad to know you…I’ll keep you posted on this. Still 21 days give or take from harvest…


Right on Jim, nice to meet ya.oh ya old school big time. Remember 4 finger oz for $20 ?
I think what your doing is awesome.
I have a few that i grow for to help in there pain. Now there cutting back on there med’s so i need to grow more to help with there short fall and increased pain


:+1: haven’t heard reference to four finger at 20 in years…Back then no need for scales and if you had them… no digital but that beautiful thing called a triple beam…good to get to know ya and helping others is good karma…keeps everything clean…


Always my friend


Very nice dank looking colas. I am growing for the first time right now and hope mine come out as dank as those!


PATIENCE is a virtue…:sunglasses:


Ahh the days of Cambodian Red Thai-stick and sensimelia. I’ve never forgotten nor have I achieved the level of high I got from the smallest of pin joints from some calif sensimelia back in early 70s. I’m sure there is some out there today as good but I’m talking about a doobie about an 1/8 inch in diameter between 2ppl. Like the old honey oil made from sensimelia knock your freakn socks off Lol. I didn’t mean to go astray on your thread. Your grow is awesome


Yes those days the sensi was truly enlightening…that was a time when as you say a New Yorker hand rolled would change your perspective in seconds…good to know some of us remember the days of less crossbredding…not to sure the crossbreeding has made anything better just more choices…some strains are but for the most part the plant is going commercial which is gonna be a double edged sword…


Oh I remember no one weighed it back then or how about a Lid for 15-20 bucks same as the 4 finger oz. sens was 400-1200 a lid back then


With my little bit of experience I’d have to agree with you on that.


Today’s showing…between today and the 16th they should get really sweet and fat…I’ll keep an update going…


Apologies I have to comment again my internet wasn’t doing well last night and did not get to look at pics very well. There is absolutely no evidence of burn disease mishandling etc. again what an awesome grow brother ! Smh my hope is to repeat what you’ve accomplished one day soooooon ha


It’s all good man…:v::sunglasses: