Summer 2018 GDP Harvest

Harvest day! 3 GDP 6 gallon pots. 5ft. x 5ft. x 7ft. grow tent. I SCROGED. Very good yield. Numerous very large buds, even more medium size, very few small buds. 70 day flower. They never turned as purple as I wanted, they were ready, so down they came. Very pleased. I can’t wait to weigh them dry. Should have about 1 lb. dry



Beautiful bud! Congratulations on your harvest.

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That’s a bragging bud. congrats

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Nice bud. 2x longer than any of my GDP I just harvested.
It was a pretty warm grow for me, I’m sure that probably affected the purple-ness. Mine were just barely purple. I dropped my last GDP seed a month ago. Hopefully the cool fall weather will enhance the color.

I have 5 GDP seedlings now. My conditions were good, temp, humidity, etc. There were plenty of purple leafs, overall the buds stayed green. I smoked some I harvested 2 weeks ago, really strong! I’ll take good smoke to color any day. The buds were pretty though.