Summer '17 grow


Top L Space Terror 1 cola, R Space Terror 1 filling in nicely, Same just getting going, L Doin’ a good job! BTY at about 5 1/2 ft. Ta Da The girls.


I think I found it countrygal

Awesome job! Looks great

They look awesome great job

Your neighborhood must smell delicious :yum:

@Hogmaster Mornin’ and High! Thank you! They were unbelievable! I never ever thought… :woman_farmer:t4:

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@Countryboyjvd1971 High n howdy! They never really smelled, which is good, because the less obvious the better. I was thinking about that when still growing. I watered 3 times a day and was wondering if that could be why. They smell now! :woman_farmer:t4: