Suggestions or humidifier

So I grow in a 4x4 tent and just figured I would wing it without one but the RH is usually only 27-35 % and it seems pretty low ive tried putting bowls of water in there under the lights and try to raise it that way… But it don’t work. Just kinda wondering what you guys are using so i just don’t go buy a Sh*t one

Depends on what stage of life your plants are in. Veg stage they’ll grow, just the best, flowering you want the lower humidity to keep mold away, and trichome production up.
Otherwise if any evaporative style humidifier will work well.

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Alright. My girls are about 2-3 weeks old

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Until they get a little older depending on their size, you can just add plastic cups over them, and keep the humidity up. Just like a humidome. After about two more weeks, they should be able to handle the lower humidity a little better.

Ionmax ION90 @Dushin91 to add humidity


Ionmax ION612 to remove humidity