Suggestions? Or comments?

I have a 2x4 tent with 4-4ft T8 lights in the corners. In addition there is a 2000 watt grow lamp hanging from the top, as well as a 8000 lumen screw in led fixture. Am at week 12 and just changed lighting from 16-8 to 12-12. I use the Flora line for nutrient and follow the per gallon instructions. I use pure rainwater

only. I have 5 plants now at 24”. Getting a little rust on leaves but nothing serious, so looks like a little calcium is in order. I bend down the tallest growth so all growth is even. This is my 3rd grow using this method. These are Super Skunk and one White Dream??(or Widow-came from Okla who knows what it is Lol. They are now at 24” and are not Autoflower. Any suggestions on getting the best bud growth?, or just keep on trucking? Thanks!

Looks pretty good. The only suggestion I have is more/better lighting. You are covered for blue spectrum with those fixtures, but you are going to need more red spectrum for flowering. Keep in mind that your Vander LED fixture is only about 200 actual watts (just enough for 1 plant,) and the spectrum produced by the burple lights is far from ideal.

The better lights out there come from Fluence and HLG (or competitive technology with high efficacy diodes,) though some favor Spider Farmer or Mars Hydro on the budget end. Burples are a waste of money.


Yes you need more light, Find a led light with ir, And uvb.