Suggestions on my new grow

Hi guys. I have a couple of more questions. Firstly, I followed your advice and let the plants dry, and putting clear solo cup face down on plant. I only spray a few sprays using the spray bottle. They all have budded, even the one I planted yesterday, with the exception of 1 that I planted about 5 days ago. My question for today is since the humidity is so low, has been anywhere from 31% to 43%. should I add a humidifier to the tent? I also have an oscillating heater the size of the oscillating fan that is in the picture. I’m thinking since I’m in the Windy City and have the tent in the basement, is it a good idea to include the heater when the grow lights are not turned on?

Be sure to cover the LEDs on your electronics to prevent light problems. I cover mine with 2 - 3 layers of dark duct tape.

Yes, you’ll need to get your humidity up. I’m just south of you and growing in the Winter can be a problem since the colder it gets outside, the more your furnace will crank out very dry air.

Ideal humidity levels (by temperature) are shown in this graphic which you may find helpful. The key up near the top gives you ideal levels per life stage (seedling, veg, flowering.)

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Will the humidifier damage my 600w led? Also should I add a heater inside the tent? In the pics are my heater options.

Bodie I too started my first indoor basement grow. I had issues because I use a dehumidifier in my basement because of a slight moisture issue. I set up and read 31% inside my tent so I added a small humidifier to the tent(2x4x6). I can regulate it very easy and it has an internal humidistat. As for heat in Ma where I am we got a couple cold nights so I was worried. I didn’t want a heater inside my tent being that it was so small so what worked for me was a space heater facing the tent set on a timer for my dark hours. Setting it on low and just blowing at the tent it was perfect. As it gets colder if the heat from my light( mars hydro sp 3000) don’t keep the temp tight I may have to run the heater all the time but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. One thing at a time. Hope this helps.

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