Suggestions on flushing with ffof soil

Looking for help on how to flush properly for fox farm ocean forest soil at day 42 ilgm says 56 days. Needing cheap but effective ways for proper dry and planning on using mason jars for storage/cure

But are the buds ready? Forget what the breeder says: listen to your plants. Got any bud or trichome porn?

Cheap way to dry: hang on a string in your grow room/tent, someplace dark and with good air circulation.

Flush: About 14 days before harvest, stop feeding and run15 gallons (for 5 gallon pots) of plain, pH’d water through your medium.


All at once? Or between a few days? First time ever growing anything and unsure what to do

My problem is I’m using an air pump and an air stone and only have 1 of each. I have 2 5 gallon buckets strictly for watering them but I’m using tap water and have to set out for 24 hrs to let chlorine out

So your not growing in soil? If not i can’t help but if so what @blackthumbbetty said is correct you’ll need to flush your soil with three times the size of your pots as far as drying you want to make it a slow process you’ll be able to tell when the smaller stems snap instead of bend then throw them into jars take the cover off every few hours for a couple of minutes for the first few days then after that you can keep it in the jars for as long as it lasts ya

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Fox farm ocean forest

You don’t need the air stone. Just fill up as many buckets/jugs as possible and let them sit for a couple days. Then adjust and flush.

Pics in natural light? Can’t see the color of the trichs when everything’s purple. :grinning:

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What about it getting stagnant?

Take a pic away from bud so we can see whole thing. Looks like you have a while to go

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No don’t flush. You still have at least another month. Probably longer


You have alot more then 2 weeks left u dont need to completely flush ur medium 3x 2 weeks early u will prematurely starve your plants… start giving just water instead of feed when its time to flush u dont want them bone dry for food for 2 weeks that’s when your plants want more phosphorus and are swelling at the last 2 weeks … u dont need to over flush fox farm is organic soil organic feeding programs suggest feeding all the way to the day before harvests so do some research a 1 week of plain water at end will help u lower ppms in your plant or you can get a finishing product like flawless finish which is a cheated magnesium product that pulls up to 85% of impurities out of the plant and u use that last week instead if your normal feeding …2 weeks plain water ur gonna rob your plantsz


@Bajew @HornHead and @fano_man are right on the money keep doing what your doing you got plenty of time before you need to flush and @blackthumbbetty is correct too


It won’t get stagnant in 2 or 3 days.

Also Fox Farms recommends flushing several times during your grow.


…go head starve your plants for 2 weeks sounds like a great idea…

@blackthumbbetty when he flushes with 15 gallons is that one after the other or a gallon a day for 15 days?

Get it in all at once but dont over flow the pot it may take some time and you will was out some media you can top dress with some new soil or what eve you may have planned

@blackthumbbetty do you mean with their nutes?

You have a while to go, in that time do more research and watch other people’s posts so you know what to look for.

I also grow in FFOF, it’s rich soil but you need to read your ppm’s of your run off.
I usually have to feed some nutes a handful of times when in flower.
Once your tricombs are all cloudy or mostly cloudy start flushing.
I personally don’t flush other than at the end because I only feed once the soil runs out of nutes and that means alot less salt buildup.
Your ppm’s should be nice and high while in flowering so that your plants can use that those nutes to gain mass.


All at once.