Suggestions on early, quick flowering outdoor strains

I’m pretty new to growing and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on maximizing my grow space. I have a 2x3x5 growtent with a 1000w Holland star led. Should I do one bigger plant or two smaller? Was on the fence about training methods too. This technique mainlining sounds interesting, but I’m not sure. Also I’m gonna use GHmaxi veg and flower mutes with foxfarms cha ching. The seeds I have left are blueberry, white rhino , and Buddha tahoe. So any suggestions? Anyone have experience with these strain? Looking to grow quality over quantity

As someone who uses all fox farm liquid nutes and pk boosters, cha ching is used at the end of the flower cycle to help with smell and taste more then size. But it does help with size. Let me know how it works out.

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That’s about the right size for a 1 plant SCROG. But I’d add another light for flower.