Suggestions on a pheno


Im bringing my current grow to and end, and just for clarification i dont grow to smoke… I enjoy growing :wink: and im bringing dark devil, bruce banner “freebie” and white widow, and an assorment dwarf auto pack of seeds “dont ever buy these” to and end, and could use a little help on some new strains and phenos, there so many out there, what do you guy like?

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I grew a blue mystic a few grows ago that is among my favorites.


I think you would enjoy growing ILGM Gold Leaf

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That’s very pretty, @MidwestGuy

If you like CBD you could grow a CBD strain like Harlequin or super critical CBD. I’m growing a super critical CBD now and it is going gangbusters.

Thank you, @kellydans.


Heck ya, and by chance are the auto or photos? , i just ordered jacks 321 and a new ph pen and do a side by side grow using my advanced nutrient 3 part and see what the hype is about, just needing some awesome strains

All photos.

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Cool, and i do big orders and only order once a year, any other you guys like?

Blueberry is another favorite of mine, but I should let others help you as well.

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Dude i always appreciate the info, now i grew a gigantic blueberry bliss auto in dwc as my first grow… Biggest auto ive ever seen, and ive learned auto and dwc is a pain in the a$$

Yeah, I’ve found autos to be disappointing (if you expect much) as well. No control over them, and they never produce like a photo does. People get them thinking they are easier to grow. They are not easier to grow. You can’t really train them, they flower when they want, and they are particularly sensitive to nutes.

Now I do grow autos if there something nice to them but i try and go the photo route and autos ive noticed never grow as thick as photo, long strengy plants

The plant in the front right is the auto dark devil and the plant on the front level is white widow and its ridiculous the difference