Suggestions new 48x48x80 need new led or cob combo I'm doing hydro like before need the room more light

Suggestions welcome for i suppose will need a pair of nice LCD I’m not into the red blue stuff.
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Lets tag the light guy @dbrn32

Thanks forgot which one of us are the light guys. I’m thinking I have the have two great lights. I’ve ran into my second grow using a pair of 60x10 Watts LEDs so a pair of “600’s” I can keep temps under control. New lighting lower heat? :joy:

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I can already tell you what @dbrn32 will suggest. Two HLG 260xl. I just did this today. Growlights is the website and they only have the one version in stock aka the Respec one. He said it’s better than the 3k and 4K.

You can confirm this on my Grow Journal. I have the same size for a grow tent.


Speed growth for ya? I’ll check prices and budget. Thanks bro

I ordered 2 and since I live in Texas I got stuck with the 8.25% tax which made the order almost $799 total.

Free shipping and they are $368.99 a piece. Unless you get hit with the tax. Then see above total.

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Heat? Especially you in TX…? I use input and exhaust to maintain a pair of lightimetunnel’s 690w each draw like 248w each

I just ordered the He lights today so no clue how much heat they produce. I have a window ac sitting on a bucket and I leave the tent door open so I can try to keep the room cooler than usual.

My 2 Viparspectra PAR600 will lump the temps upto 95 degrees. With a 5k btu it cools it down to around 81 degrees. This system works for me.

I can’t imagine what this would be like in the hottest months of the year aka May-Sept. I can’t mount the Window AC in a window as the wood would start to rot before to long. Thus it sits on a bucket and my plants are now happy.

Amount of heat running two 260xl kits would be about the same as running two of any other lights that pull 250ish watts. But you’ll likely get a lot more light out of the QB kits.

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Thanks was looking for that input. So 48x48 w 2 for coverage?

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Yes, two of those 260xl kits perfect for a 4x4.

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Yes…it will cover 4x4 with those two same grow lights. This is the coverage for 1 and two takes care of the full tent.


My budget wonders along this line not planning on six plants even but 48x48 for side growth with this long 39" x 10" thoughts? MARS HYDRO TSL 2000W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum @ $300.