Suggestions if to chop or not


I’ve got this “quick one” auto and I’m wondering if it time to cut it down. As stated from the company I bought from it should have taken 9 weeks and it will be ready, however yesterday it hit the 11 weeks mark. From what I have read and seen it looks ready to me (p.s this is my second grow and did not do any Lst that’s why it grew so long). Also it is stated on their seed info that it will not grow more than 60cm… its 150cm right now so I doubt I will be buying again from that company. @peachfuzz I would appreciate your idea as well


Those buds look lovely! I know the time and size was off but looks like dope smoke! Have u checked her trich’s yet? She seems very close. :+1:t5:


You will rarely get a plant to match the sites description of the plant. Really they are rough estimates. And every plant is different regardless of what is said on the website. Times, yields, and size are just there for an estimate.


They seem clear thats why I’m taking suggestions :confused:


Yeah understandable, however a difference of more than a meter is highly improbable, they should have an idea of the capabilities of the seed


Tricomes still look clear…
And the pistols still look young …
At least 2 more weeks… looks like its going to be fire tho… :grin:



Agree with you! We’ll see how it progresses :wink:


If she is foxtailing (growing bee growth and white pistils) try to look at lower buds. She is fat as heck and maybe ripe just growing newness

Edit. On second look she is just now ripening. Watch for dark pistil patches. Has more swell to go! Wat kind of lights and feed is she on? And how are is she looking overall?


I say give them another week or two and you will be more than happy if you were to take them down today not as happy but still happy Absolutely intrigued with your lights what are they


Yeah, I can see some of the top trichomes darkening and curling further more!

As for lights im using Kingbo Dual optical lens 900w and a Viparspectra reflector 450w so nothing fancy for now

I’m using the 3 part gh flora series


Yeah agree with you! Will let her be for the next 1 or 2 weeks as see how it progresses :stuck_out_tongue: ,

they are Kingbo Dual optical lens 900w and a Viparspectra reflector 450w, nothing fancy :stuck_out_tongue:


Solid genetics and grower then in my opnio. She looks great :+1:t5:


Thanks mate


I like to see pics of the whole plant… I’m actually better at looking at the whole plant vs tricomes… :grin:
Go figure… :wink:
As close to natural light as possible when taking pics … :wink: