Suggestions for this plant

You def need the calmag ASAP.
I believe you mix

armor si
And then nutes then ph to 5.8.

In that order.

@peachfuzz knows more about GH nutes than I do. I’ve only use GH nutes when I was in coco.
I’m using Jack’s nutrients right now. It takes me 24 hrs to get ph down. It doesn’t hurt them at all.


Just ordered calmag which will arrive Wednesday at so I will wait till then a add that with armor si


@spyonyou @PharmerBob @pillsbury @peachfuzz

How often should I be watering then? Since I can’t really see the plugs at this point. When I transplanted there were nice long white/clear roots. I flood just enough to get wet and drain.

I had my drip rings set on a timer, 5 min intervals for how ever many slots you have

8 slots means every 3 hours 5 mins


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@PharmerBob since I don’t have the rings and am flooding the table…how many times? Manually I can do 5 mins but was doing 4x day and that seems to be too much?

Sorry I 've never used a table set up, I was worried that you were manually just dumping on the plug & that it might cause rot to set in. Also sorry about the jumbled up response I gave it was my wife’s birthday an I stayed wasted all day for a few days. When I realized it, thats when I jumped ship. I do plan on doing a table at some point and by that time you can give me advise. If I can remember who does table grows I’ll come back & tag them. The set up I use is from General Hydroponics & its the hydro farm I think


@Bogleg does ebb and flow. I think you’re just gonna have to play with it to get the timing right. @Covertgrower may know someone who does an ebb and flow.


No worries! Hope you had fun LOL.
I appreciate all the info!
Ive been looking to get a different setup, can you share what yours looks like?
I feel like the ebb flow setup is good to a degree, kinda hard to work with at times. Maybe if I had a better setup, did a lot of DIY, cheaper initially and gradually improving.


This is the Hydro farm & the plant is 2 weeks & 2 day old gorilla glue auto. Wasn’t for fun I wish she could have been there lost her to cancer about 8 months ago.



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Are those individual buckets? DWC system? Was thinking about doing that but heard it can be difficult to change water and manage…I really just want something more simple!


Ask @peachfuzz about simple. :sunglasses:

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yes individual bucket, I take out the top pot that holds the clay & plant put it into another freshly prepared bucket (new water & nutes) dump that one, clean & freshen it and move to the next one. The bad part is that you have to buy an extra bucket. I also feed a hose thru a hole in the top pot opposite the drip ring post & attach a air stone. here’s a pic of some roots on a past grow, a white widow auto.


These are what I use…
27 gallon tote for 6 plants and two 5 gallon buckets for resivor’s , one bucket is for maintenance and the other is for frozen 2 liter bottles…

Oy 4 possible places to leak and super simple to use and I use scrogg tables and never touch my plants once they are in the system , I just adjust everything in the 5 gallon control bucket…
The water jug that you see was what I used to use so that I could leave town for 2 weeks at a time , now they are hooked up to a ro system with a swamp cooler float and I can leave for 3 weeks at a time , because I empty and feed every 3 weeks…


Ive seen this one before, but it still gets me on how to get it setup and how 6 plants will be able to fully grow on that setup? Thats why I was looking for individual buckets since plants tend to get too big for me.


Yeah @peachfuzz explain this in more detail like the hoses and the pumps and how the extra bottle worked.
Dang that’s a good idea (if I had a deep freeze to freeze bottles all the time).

Also @jambi1214 didn’t know you were in hydoe definitely 5.8 ph


Yes in hydro, working on it. Just ordered calmag and will start new nutes on Wed

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I never actually use any frozen 2 liters…
My room stays from 68 to around 74 depending on lights on or off…
Water stays cool enough… :man_shrugging::thinking:

So I designed this to be as simple as possible , cheap to build , as least likely to malfunction , simple to maintain and super easy to clean and its extremely easy to use and because I scrogg my plants and I can do all of my neccessary maintenance without touching the plants at all throughout the hole flower cycle , weather that’s 8 or 16 weeks…
Depending on strain… :+1::wink:
So alls it does is pump water from one bucket to the other and is gravity fed to one side of the tote and than gravity fed out of one side of the tote back to the first bucket with the pump in it…
Now the reason for this was my most Important based on all of the systems that i looked at…

1 - the tote is the main resovior basically so it stays the most stable as far as temps and ph and ppm’s…

2 - because the tote is the main resovior , all of the plants have access to all of the nutrients and all plants are sitting in the same temperature of water , no one plant sight is being under fed or having any kind of adverse temperature or ph or ppm swings…

3 - Because I’m dumping water from one bucket into the other bucket , the water in the tote never falls or rises when the pump is on or off…
My pump is a little pond pump that moves 75 gallons an hour and I only run it for an hour every 3 hours because my whole system only holds 20 gallons at its maximum water level…

4 - Theres really only 4 places that it could possibly leak from…
Oh ya @jambi1214 you were asking about plant height…
I’ve grown 8’ tall plants In this setup , not hard to do , but also not practical for this kind of setup…
I grow them by the time it’s done flowering around 5’ to 7’ tall but they are crammed into my scrogg tables that are only about 3’ off of the floor…

I have plenty of more pictures I can post…
Gotta hit the hay…
I’ll get back to you guy’s , if your more interested… ?


Also crashing but I want to know more.

Not knowing how these type of systems work I need be babied through it @peachfuzz lol.
So why are you moving the water if the water stays the same height the whole time I’m so confused…

I though these things either work on a flood and dry type thing. I have no idea how this works even thought you explained how the water moves around. Lol

Sorry I don’t flood to drain either @ThatoneAKguy might tho