Suggestions for this plant

3 weeks in and here we are. Just started nutes last week at 1/4 rec. dose. Added more nutes today Ph around 6 and ppm 500. I turned the lights up today but worried. Want to add more light as this is growing so slow.
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The leaves seem to be curling inwards a bit on the others. Been flooding about 4-5x day


I’m not a hydro grower so can’t help.

I use a hydro with a drip loop & until the roots hit the wet area or the water in the tank it’s sllooow growing. After, it goes wacko. And I start using nutes (reduced amount from schedule) right away cuz the hydroclay has nothing to offer.


I’m manually flooding since they are small and just put plugs/plants in larger pots yesterday. Do you think I should change anything? What’s your thoughts on the smaller plant? @pillsbury

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Am right to think you are in an auto pot setup?

Jambi I’m still new at this & kinda freaked out about saying too much yet cuz of maybe screwing up someone elses grow. with that in mind here’s what I see, your PH is OK but 5.8 is the perfect spot for hydro, on your nutes I start mine around 750 to 800 ppm, don’t know if thats right or not but its what I do & step it up a bit the next change (1 week) & do that till I’m around 1100 er so for veging stage. changing the res. every week or 10 days at most. Keeping the PH correct for me is a pain in the ass but really worth it. I check it a few times a day & adjust with up & down as needed to around 5.8. your growth does seem awfully slow for three weeks. When you say your flooding sveral times a day do you mean right on the buried plug area? Water in a wider circle to make the roots go after it instead of the water going to it (I suppose you used rapid rooter cuz of the hydroclay) if so they really don’t need several times a day as the root area needs to dry a bit. when you put them in the clay were the roots robust & really sticking out? and what nutes are you using on them. Some of these questions I’m asking is for when a more experienced grower reads this, I only know some about GH products. Is the water your using RO, city, well, distilled? what kind of lights & how far away? I’m gonna tag @Covertgrower, @peachfuzz, @dbrn32, @Nicky, some experienced growers I feel like I’m leading you inna circle and they will also need this support ticket filled out to give you a better answer quicker.
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Another thing, you are right on schedule with the size. They’ll be fine. They’re just growing roots right now. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


3rd pic looks a little overwatered…
Should be able to get through this little hiccup with not to much to stress about…
They always start a little slow , but once the roots hit the water , off they go… :+1::wink:
Just keep doing what your doing…
Try not to water the rapid rooters too much…


It’s not your issue but PH to 5.8 that’s the sweet spot. You can do 5.5-6.2 but 5.8 is ideal.

I agree 3 weeks she should be bigger
Don’t worry about the lighting it’s good right now, judge your lighting by the amount of stretch and your lighting is good. Blast it with to much light and it will never get big.

Also ppm is good I wouldn’t go higher.

I don’t know how this specific type of hydro works, I run a coco hybrid system.
I think @peachfuzz has you re assured on it though.


Thanks yall. Here is some more info.

Fem. Valley kish, herijuana, kosher kush and grape ape.

Hydro in ebb flow setup with starter plugs.
Use distilled water. Added general hydroponics micro grow bloom.

pH today is 6.5, ppm 700

Sunraise led light 2000 - 200 watt? 24 in from plants.

Temp 74 and humidity 42. Struggling with humidity these days. Considered humidifier but it has cool air and we are a bit from store but may go grab one. Been adding water to tent to raise.

Vent system going
No co2
Bubbler is reservoir
Water temp 65

I typically set the timers for the water to go off every whatever hours needed. Usually 6x day when up and going but since roots still growing and in larger pots manually flooding about 3x a day. I can see the plugs are getting wet but maybe too much or I’m flooding too high up. I planted plugs further down since plants were starting to stretch.

I think they are getting too much water…I can’t remember how I really started last round.

Thanks y’all!

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If you can, try to keep the ph around 5.8. A little fluctuation is not bad. They’ll be fine! :+1:t2::sunglasses:


@HappyHydroGrower how would I go about that with the nutes? Following the directions but started with half a dose. I’ve heard before to use vinegar and other type of products but I’m hesitant to do so. Should I add more of the general hydroponics nutrients?


Are you using calmag or any silica?
How big a reservoir do you have?


@pillsbury for the win !!!

Need to get them legs under her, drip rings are magical just keep it against the far edge so the stalk doesn’t rot


I’m doing 10 gallons and I have the silica product from general hydroponics just haven’t used yet.

@pillsbury I haven’t heard of those looking for them now. Ok to use in ebb flow setup? I guess I should check them out first…

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Also I have rapid start root inhancer if that helps any? Won’t the armor si increase the pH?


Armor si does raise the ph but with 10 gal you should be able to hold it steady once you get it stable. It usually takes me about 24 hrs. and then I’m good till the next res change (2weeks).
I have 14 gal right now but will expand mine when she starts drinking more.

How much calmag do you use/gal?
And in what order are you mixing?


@HappyHydroGrower I have been doing in order it specifics micro grow then bloom from what I recall and I mix in between. I have done any armour si yet? Should I start?
Just also went and got warm humidifier and added to tent.

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Don’t have calmag

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