Suggestions for lighting?

My White Widow plants are growing really well But as you can see they’re growing Above the light. These are Auto’s so is it ok to leave them out from under direct light??? The Left & Right ones were planted on same day and in the middle a week later. The one in the cup is Gold Leaf which was planted the same day as the other two but it’s not doing well but it’s trying. The right one was nibbled on by my cat Gypsy right after it was transplanted and I think it was in shock But it’s looking much better now. Anyway, I’m not a big time grower and this is my third time growing and don’t have a lot of money to spend so Any advise will be appreciated :heavy_heart_exclamation:.


Problem is you can’t cheap out on lights. CFL’s will never produce dense nugs. You simply have to spend the money or grow outdoors.

The most budget friendly lights right now are MH/HPS but you take a hit with your electricity bill and excess heat. Bulbs are only good for one grow etc.

We’re seeing the bulk of growers gravitating to high efficiency LED’s. NOT the blurple lights you see on Amazon but from manufacturers like Horticulture Lighting Group, CHILled Logic, Spider Farmer etc.


315W CMH are the industry standard over yesterday’s HPS and standard MH.

CMH bulbs are interchangeable, no more need for different ballasts, and different wattage. They come in 3,100 k and 4,200 k (veg and flower) The kelvin range is closer to what plants need compared to mixing and matching HPS and MH to fudge a usable spectrum. Now I call the HPS Mars lighting! Good for martians, heat, a high electric bill, and not much else!


The above gotcha covered unless you want to bite the bullet and go Led, not cheap :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Like all advancements, I’m waiting for price to drop and quality go up before I commit to LED, for now it’s just not economical, who knows, perhaps they’ll become a fraction of the cost of conventional.

I applied this philosophy to large flat screen TV, but I bid too soon on plasma just before LCD and 1080 came out!

This time I’m waiting extra long! When I’m tripping over my beard it’s time!

Don’t know if this helps but I’m running this light in a 4x4 tent.

That’s only 2 plants.

I a dollar per watt isn’t a bad price at all. Buying the prebuilt fixtures is where high quality LED manufacturers rape you. So if you go the DIY route the cost isn’t anything crazy. And the amount of yields you get from your first harvest could pay for the lights easily. Well worth it whenever it comes to operating costs as well.


Home built isn’t much different than homegrown! That would be the route I’ll take! I’m familiar with 12v led ribbon, I purchased a few rolls for automotive and hidden cabinet lighting, I use old saved 12v power transformers from various things I threw away, it’s as easy as adding up the mili-amps stamped in the transformer and not going over with the number of LEDs on the ribbon (cut to length).

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Yeah I was very close to buying some LED lights (HLG most likely) to replace my HPS/MH setups then this corona virus hit and now I’ll save my money and just keep running HPS/MH for the foreseeable future. Can’t see spending that kind of money when our future lives/income is so unpredictable right now. LED lights are only going to get better and cheaper anyway, even the latest LED lights from Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer look pretty good.

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I think it’s 1$ per 10 watts… right?

I don’t think DIY will benefit unless using latest technology and building a well planned light fixture.

I did build mine with DBRN’s help and have roughly $600 in 3 lights with a peak output for all three of 720 watts. I’ve never needed to go over 600 watts and my last grow in that space yielded 1/2 oz short of 2 pounds of flower. My electric bill went down $60 the first month of operation.

Here we’re charged by kwh, killowat hour, or 1,000 watt hours, meaning 1000 watts on for one hour.
I found direct Sunlight to be the cheapest, it’s what I’d advise any beginner to do before attempting indoors.

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Thanks :blush:. I’m on a tight budget like most people. I appreciate the info :+1:

I’ve considered a grow tent but haven’t yet Because I don’t know IF I have to drill a hole in my house for it to Vent out!???
I Don’t know what to do!! I Can’t plant outside for legal reasons, you know what I mean? Last year I tilted the lights so all my plants would get light. Won’t this suffice? Granted the yield was small. Thanks

I have one grow tent venting into the attic, I just cut a hole in the ceiling and shoved the ducting up thru there. Got another tent venting out a window using a AC window exhaust kit so it doesn’t look ghetto and keeps the air in/out so it’s not like having a window half open all the time.

Here up north, with our liquid nitrogen daily temperatures, heat isn’t an issue, freezing interior temperatures are! I have a buddy that had a layer of ice in his water reserve! He used a fish tank heater to remedy the problem!