Suggestions for indoor grow please

Newbie here. I am in the planning phase of a grow for the fall/winter. I’m probably going to be limited to my basement. I am in the Northeast, and there is no heat per se in the basement. My furnace is down there and I’m pretty sure I can regulate the temp.
I am starting from scratch for equipment. My initial thought is 4 plants in a 4x4 tent.
I’d like to keep it right around $1000 for everything. So please help me spend the money on what will work best for me. I’ve seen some kits that looked decent, but have also read kits aren’t the way to go. I don’t mind buying stuff individually. I do want “good stuff”. I’ve never been one to use shitty tools.
Am I on the right track with 4 plants in a 4x4 for around a $1000? I’m sure I will buy more stuff and change things a bit once I get a grow under my belt.
Edit: I will likely be growing in soil.
Thank you

Light set up will be most of your budget, however I would recommend a MH/HPS 600w setup based on your budget.

Soil I’d go with a FF line, along with the trio for your first grow.

Intake and exhaust fan I would go with the AC infinity 6".

Lights ($200)

Gives you budget for the intake and exhaust fan and money left over for the soil, nutes, and equipment you need.

The HPS set up runs warm. :slight_smile:


Well good lights will take a big chunk. You do not want to buy subpar lights on Amazon. HLG aka Horticulture Lighting Group is top notch.

The light guru is @dbrn32.

You may have to DIY HLG set up and he can get you there.

I use 2 HLG 260xl rspec for my 4x4. I get two lbs dried, cured and no stems.

Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:


What are your temps in basement typically? If cold temps may be an issue, you may want to stay with hid lighting. You could maybe get setup with an air cooled hood to use in the summer, but separate cooling circuit for winter months.


I wish I had an accurate answer. It’s a half basement and the other half is crawl space. The furnace is right in the center of the basement side and it radiates a lot of heat when it runs. There’s definitely some draft issues etc down there. Obviously it stays above freezing no matter what. I’ve never actually paid attention to the temps down there until now, lol. All the duct work is very accessible as well, I could get creative. I am in the Northeast and on any given day it can be single digits or 50 from late December to Early March. I was looking at thermo hygrometers that push info to your phone. I would probably want one of those? I should probably grab one soon and throw it down there just to get an idea of fluctuation which is my biggest concern
I was thinking a quality LED but now my eye is open to the HPS?

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Ideally with hps your lights on temps would be in the upper 70’s and your lights out temps would be in the mid 60’s give or take. If it’s typically in the 60’s down there at worst you would probably be in great shape with hps. But if we’re looking at 40’s will likely take larger measures. I live in Midwest. 100+ sometimes in summer and maybe -20 in winter. My basement stays 65-68 year round. I can’t get my temps up to ideal in the summer lol.


Thanks man, you’re awesome. chances are my basement stays right around the same range as yours. If temps aren’t a factor would LED be the first choice. It seems like everything is headed that way. I’m looking for plug and play on this first run. I’m not above building something down the road. I’m going to grab a thermo hygrometer and drop it down there to get an idea.


@dbrn32 has the experience, he has your back! He knows what any quality light is capable of.

Just keep budget in mind, it’s why I gave my opinion.


Same thing im thinking. May be a bit of a hassle to run in summer, but I think with air cooled hood one could swing it. Than just run without glass and duct removed for winter months.

The air cooled hood will cost a little more than standard reflector, but should still leave plenty for a tent, a good fan, carbon filter, circulating fans, and some quality instruments with $1000.


I’m an led guy for sure. But there is more to running a grow than having most efficient or latest and greatest light. It doesn’t make any sense for me to suggest a light that will blow your whole budget and then probably require you to run a heater too. A quality 600 watt hps bulb will blow up a 4x4 no problem.

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thanks, all opinions are welcome! I’m not ruling anything out at this point. i want what makes the most sense all around. Wait until i decide between photos and auto :rofl:

feel free to throw out some suggestions for both! Like I said, this will probably be the beginning of my collection. I tend to get the wantsies once I start a hobby.
edit: I just ordered a sensorpush thermo Hygrometer. Maybe I should grab everything else and the light last?

I’m an old school dual metal/hps guy myself. @MrPeat grows straight monsters with his set up. That pic is proof, geeezus!


Growing 4 plants in a 4x4 will be challenging. Yiu will have to train them big time. This is why.

This is my 4x4 on my two grow cycles ago. It got packed with 4 plants. Untrained with a few FIM’s I did. This happens to be a earlier photo. Long before they was done. On a 12/12 cycle start to finish. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


damn, So should I start with 2? 3? I still haven’t researched too much on whether Autos or photos would be best for a first timer.

I would go Photos. Autos do what they want, when they want. I prefer full control. :+1:


seems like most people here prefer photos. it makes sense to have the control.

Always photos never autos. Get the real deal. I will say a friend gifted me an auto northern light. I will probably grow next spring for early smoke.

@MrPeat how do you fim? I want to top these smalls I got in the yard. FIM is hit or miss from what I hear you seem to have a good grasp of it :joy: what’s your opinion? Top or FIM

@Kevfrmthestl Very carefully. Go to the top of the plant and separate the two leaves. Nip the very center. I’m not a fan as I prefer my plants to be big, bushy girls.

I think @Covertgrower probably can point it out better.

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