Suggestions for hydro/drip

A question from a fellow grower:

If could ask a question or two I would appreciate it. First I’m trying to decide between a hydro kit that I already have and useing some of the kit to do a 5 gallon drip planter. I’m not a grower nor do I have a green thumb. The part of the country I live tends to kill most plants. Temperature is a constant in hell as is where I live. Little joke, very little. I’m leaning towards the drip in concert with a quality soil. Do you have any suggestions? I’m including a couple of pics of my little seedling for reference. Thank you

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For first grow uses soil - hydro to much money to get started and difficult to learn. You have a health plant - add more soil to top and use at least 5 gallon container , 10 gallon better Keep It Simple !! at first - as one learn he goes to the next level


That’s good information Steve and I to agree? With that.
By the way …that’s a nice looking plant. What strain is it ?

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