Suggestions for growing Gorilla Glue fems?

A “friend of mine” will be growing the ILGMs Gorilla Glue.

DWC, 1000 watt light, tented grow

Is this strain going to be bushy and have one major cola like AK?
OR, will it be almost all the buds clinging to the main stem and be more vertical?

Hoping for input from growers with direct experience with GG.



I am growing GG for the first time only in soil.
So I really can’t say one way or the other.
You and your friend are welcome to watch my grow and to ask questions if you wish.

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%Garrigan65…will do. Thank you

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Like you guys I am growing a gorilla glue from ilgm for the first time. Without any topping on my plant and I just started flowering, stretch phase Week 1, and it is growing into a pine tree shape. So basically it’s going to have one monster Cola on top and a bunch of littler ones growing from the sides. I didn’t want to top it just because it was my first time growing it and wanted to see how she would look. So far that’s what mine is doing. Good luck and enjoy your grow. I can’t wait to medicate with Gorilla Glue from ilgm! Have a nice morning everyone.

@neckNflu…topping should be done before the flowering starts. Best not to top the main cola now. It’s in flower phase.

Thanks for the plant profile. I ask because so many GG pics showing a plant where all the buds are on the main stem. Creating a slender profile.

As this is my friends first time with GG…it would be nice to have some idea of what the mature Lady will look like.

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Yeah I agree 100% with you. I am not going to top it at all now. I’m just going to let her go. I will take a picture of her tonight. Right now is her sleep time (12/12 light cycle). It will give you an idea of what to expect. Keep in mind I am no Pro. This is like my 4th quote-unquote serious grow. Have a nice morning

@neckNflu…if you got her growing a main cola then you are doing the right things.
From what I have heard, auto’s can be derailed if anything changes.
good luck

Gorilla glue is my main strain I grow. It loves to grow so it’s gonna get tall with one main cola unless you top which I do as much as possible. My experience is you will flower for about two weeks longer than what it says or it’s just my style and genetics. It will stretch like crazy as well in flower so again be prepared for height.

Your buds should grow basically like any other they will pack on some weight if you treat them right and they don’t stretch on you, another trait. My buds are going to be smaller this time for lighting reasons. And they love to hermie too. Your biggest enemy is light leaks other than that it’s a tough mf :muscle:I saw a post about not training in flower. I will post a pic of what I did to mine in week four. Damn near broke em in half (high stress train) they are still reaching for the lights and the buds are looking pretty good for week 6 almost 7. Any other questions let me know. Oh I’m growing in soil.

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Gorilla Glue #4 in late flower. I did top them in mid-veg phase. This is an outdoor grow in Summer-Fall, organic soil, these are Not autos.

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Gorilla Glue bud.


I too am growing 1 GG #4. I fimmed mine about 10 days ago. I really don’t know what to expect as I am a newbie.


thank you for the informative details. much help. glad you have good results.

btw…did they stop stretching after two weeks? were they ILGM seeds?

Nice looking cola there. How long before harvest?

Qtpatooty…nice looking lady. Should be a good grow. Very healthy.

Not ilgm seeds. And your light saturation is gonna determine their stretch or lack there of.

did the stretch stop after two weeks?

For sure, mine didn’t really stretch. If they are still stretching try lowering ur light a touch. Be careful not to get too close depending on how big ur running

No issues. Just trying to get some idea of how much stretch should be expected.

This is GG ar 3 weeks from turning

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That’as soma fina pizza!!! Very nice…congrats

@Au Absolutely beautiful buddy