Suggestions for an air pump and stone for dwc bucket grow


Hey guys, i’m using those aquarium airpumps from Walmart now, was looking to upgrade for my next grow. I’m running 4 5 gal buckets, was looking for suggestions for a air pump and stones that will best suit this setup.


I really like this pump it’s really strong, quiet and works great in my dwc grows.

The tubing kind of stinks though just get the Walmart one it’s like 2 bucks and some change.


For air stones I use
Hope this helps. :+1:


appreciate it! Hey, here’s a couple more questions. I am switching to the wide lip net pots (used to just cut a hole in the bucket lids}, and i’m wondering if you guys mainly run the airlines through a hole in the lid or the top side of the bucket. Also, what’s you guys drill for changing the solution. I have been lifting the lid, and just swapping a new bucket out. If I run the hole for the airline through the side, I’m kinda stuck with using the same bucket as a reservoir, so i’m thinking siphon the remaiing solution out and refilling through a hole in the lid or something? How are you guys approaching the problem? I know some people put a drain tube in, kinda like the ones on home beer brewing fermenters, but I really don’t want to do that.


Hey @brazosdave I drill a hole in the side pretty much as high as I can. For changing water I use this

It’s not the highest quality but it gets the job done. I’m sure there are better ones but this one fits the budget.

It can be a pain using the one bucket but if you stay on top of things it works out. I mix my nutes in a gallon of distilled. Then drain my res then refill. For best drainage I put something under one side and tilt the res to get 99% of the water. I find running the tubing through the net pot it gets slimy faster. I always use hydro guard too just incase and run it through the sides.(air tube )


Here is a look at one of my simple dwcs


In case you’re interested in your water Temps you could pick this up too it really helps me out.


cool, I bought a siphon pump just like that one on sale at Walmart, lol!

This is the system I’m using now. I have the lines running into a hole cut in the top of the lid, got the wide lip net pot lid covers yesterday so I can ditch the old ones with the hole cut in em. This plant is about 6 weeks into flower


you can see the 2 aquarium pumps I’m running now.


I just didn’t like the pumps from Walmart because it was really loud. You’re grow looks great though! :slight_smile: :+1: I’m going to be starting a new journal once I get everything I need for my 8x6x4 tent. Probably going to be a while though.


yeah, they do the job, but I was looking for something a little more robust. I’m pretty happy with this grow, out of 4 I started, it was the only female (it was bagseed, but by the leaves, mainly sativa, i’m guessing from Mexico). Waiting for it to finish, only thing to smoke is this crappy local stuff, lol. I have Northern Lights seeds on the way now, so i’m going to try and do 4 at a time.


Nice you going to make a journal on the northern lights? If ya do tag me in. I’ve got my first harvest smoking on that it turned out okay lol can’t get nothing good around here either. This is what I’m rolling with right now just a side branch :sunny: its :strawberry: kush

@brazosdave @Wishingilivedina420state


I don’t know, I might, i’m kinda all over the place so i’m not the best at record keeping. That is some good lookin bud you got going there!


Haha I hear ya. Thanks! It actually just all started turning color today its like it happend overnight I’m excited for this harvest!


Wow @Noctis420 how that strawberry :strawberry: has grown. She looks great bro. How much longer till harvest.
Did the pineapple :pineapple: get better with age?


Pretty sure I have about 3 to 4 weeks left she just started turning colors but man she is dense the plant is all held up by garden ties. The pineapple is actually pretty awesome now that weird smell is gone and it’s smelling really good now. When I break up the nugs it smells like real pineapple. It just takes a long long time to cure I guess but it tastes really good. I have a good idea on how to cure now too. It’s some of the best stuff I’ve ever had now :grinning: love the :pineapple: taste. There is a og kush next to the strawberry but it’s so tiny I couldn’t get a good pic lol @Wishingilivedina420state they both smell amazing though ilgm definitely has good genetics. Im getting close to starting my next journal too. :+1:


Awesome bro , keep up the great work.


i’m am fixing to harvest this morning! I have 1 clone going in a little bubbler I made out of a folgers can, lol! And I have 3 Northern Lights fem seeds in rapid rooters in the humidity chamber now. Hope you get better soon!


Thanks im feelin ok today but That’s awesome! Happy Harvesting! :scissors: hope all goes well.


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