Suggestions for 2nd light in veg tent

So I upgraded my veg tent from a 2x4 to a 4x4. I have a mars hydro sp3000 light that I moved into the 4x4 . It’s a 300 watt light which is enough watts per square foot but I just don’t think it will cover the whole 4x4. The light was made for a 2x4. So that’s making it kind of hard to find a 2nd light. Most are either for 2x2,3x3, or 4x4 coverage and I need pretty much another 2x4 of coverage: I would prefer something with Samsung diodes. If anyone has any suggestions would greatly appreciate it as I am having trouble finding a light. Most of the lights are either not enough coverage or would cover the whole 4x4 so I would really just be replacing my sp3000 rather than adding the additional coverage. ( which I’m almost thinking about doing at this point ). Happy new years gromies. L


HLG uses Samsung LM301h diodes. Spider Farmer and a few others use Samsung LM301b diodes. The b diodes are a little less output, but still good ones.


HLG all the way.

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Which one? I can’t find one that has a 2x4 coverage.

I’m thinking the hlg saber . That will fit well with my other sp3000

Also considering this bestiva

This is the saber

I don’t like how you have to but the dimmer separate

350r is what I use in my 2x4. Look at refurbished too, with code DUDE

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I don’t like how they have no dimming switches on them

I’d buy the Diablo if I had a dimming switch, I know they are great lights it’s a shame

I wanted to spend under 200$ since it’s for a veg tent and supplemental at that. I already have 300 watts in there just oddly shaped coverage (2x4)

I guess I could just get the saber and deal with the no dimming. I’m just worried that since it will be used in conjunction with the mars hydro sp 3000 it will be hard to get the pars to match without the dimmer function

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Do you have the photone app on your phone ? It would be interesting to see what kind of numbers you can pull off the sp3000

My 350r has dimming.

750 Diablo has dimmer switch control, I would trust, same for diablo series.
but big for 48x48, or smaller. HLG is known for good product design.
Vipar Spectras in use currently. Wish list looks different.

Photone app on my phone maxes in 850 ppfd range, 33,000 lux, and smaller DLI.
Max map is one third as advertised, Max wattage half as “presumed” or advertised.
Wattage mapping with Kill-A-Watt device, not advertisers. Best DLI/PPFD map half or less from HLG iven if they are only70%good as advertised. Go Big and have spares (not on my budget, sadly)

I have a par meter

The sp 3000 is an awesome light, I would just buy a 2nd one if they weren’t 400$

I think I’m gonna get the Diablo

And just deal with no dimmer. I know they are great lights.