Suggest strain for medicinal use

can anyone recommend a strain that would help with really high anxiety and im also constantly shaking (not sure if this is due to always being anxious) constantly have back pain (4/6 out of 10 pain) usually all the time something that will calm me and put me in a relaxed state but not to relaxed where i feel couch locked

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There is high cbd strain for high anxiety people.

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Granddaddy purps is good for body and mind relaxation.


Here is a list of ILGM strains that help treat anxiety:



See strains and read full article here… :arrow_left:

See strains and read full article here… :arrow_left:



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Purple Kush is a great body relaxer. I’m on the anxious side and find PK helps it go away. Also very clear headed with little confusion.
GDP also works well but I find PK works better for me.


I agree with the CBD mentioned. My first thought for pain and anxiety was Northern Lights. I’m drawing a blank, but there’s a great 1:1 strain that’s an indica…it’ll come to me…

Pennywise! I had to search, it didn’t come to me lol

OG Kush has helped me alot with my anxiety/depression and mood disorders. Great day time smoke too.


I’ve got OG auto in the process of germination :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:


Purple urkle is what works well for me.
Acute pancreatic pain (5+ out of 10) but my evenings are much better, so much so I forget the pain.

It may be a bit much for some who wants to avoid couch lock. I smoke white widow for weekend day time and the purple urkle for evenings.

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Welcome to ILGM @Platinum. Purple Urkle Is another of my favorites, too. I’m glad you found one that works for your pain. :+1: