Suggest some strains for growing in OZ

I just finished drying my first ever grow and ended up with 32oz from 6 plants of unknown strains.
4 looked to be straight sativa and 2 were indica.
I am now starting to plan this years grow and would like some suggestions for stains that can tolerate Australian heat, not grow too tall and give a good harvest.
I will probably buy feminized photo seeds from ILGM.
I am probably asking the impossible, but there must be a couple that fit the bill.
I have to thank everyone who contributes to this form. I learnt so much with this grow.
I should have added that it will be an outdoor grow.

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Gorilla Glue is the only strain I’ve bought from ILGM (I’m in QLD) and it was very tolerant of our hot summers.

Ilgm’s outdoor mix pack is good in the heat