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So I’m looking for suggestions for my next grow. I still have 5 gorilla glue auto seeds left but I’m thinking of trying just feminized photo period seeds next and just keeping the gg’s for backups… I’m planning my next grow out to be a rdwc system with just 2 buckets but im trying to have two monsters in the tent instead of several mediocre plants… I’m looking for HIGH +++THC (Higher the better) easy growing (maybe a strain that responds especially well to dwc? High yielder that does well with high humidity (its almost impossible to control sometimes being here in the southeast. Let’s see what yall got!


Same boat… finishing up first grow with GG autos and went with a couple ilgm fem mix packs this time !

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I suggest the chemical mix pack or heavy hitters mix pack


I am currently growing purple haze and some purple kush.
This is one of the purple kush
She put down as stout a stem as I have seen

She has filled out her 2x2 frame. Some are starting come up on the outside

The purple haze are robust growers
I have four in a 3x3

I had to flip on day 55
The kush is in an autopot with coco & perlite
The haze are in 5 gallon self-watering buckets with peat & perlite.
Both are fed Jack’s 321 and supplemented with blossom booster and some advanced nutrients.


You can name all the high THC strains but in reality you will never achieve that same level. To many factors you are not seeing that can make or break your plants.


Gold Leaf is on my short ILGM to do list.

White Widow sounds basic but i LOVED that smoke. Absolutely delicious.

Blue Dream is top 5 all time in my house.

Sour D, GDP, and Super Silver Haze are 3 more terpy potent strains id love to keep around. Be and @Deez are discussing SSH now. Lovely plant


Banana Kush and Black Widow both have high thc LA confidential is a good one too.


This is my first GoldLeaf. ALMOST filled my 4x4 tent (1 row short on this close side of my screen). Flipped to flower exactly 8 weeks from dropping seed, 1 top only. Girlfriend got a little feisty when putting the screen on and snapped a branch about halfway down, propped it up so branch was close to the stem and it healed pretty nice. Probably 2-3 weeks to go and colas the width of my hand!


Yeah that Super Silver haze is a nice one. Makes great hash and it’s easy to grow. Low odor, takes abuse easily,

@PurpNGold74 gold leaf is a winner.

I’ve grown gold leaf outdoor like every summer for the last 4 or 5 summers. It’s a reliable producer and great smoke. Good mold resistance as well. For the cool wet autumns we get in Vermont you either grow mold resistant strains or roll the dice.


Great plant: get a whip and a chair when you go in the grow room haha.

Sour Diesel photoperiod is a top one in my book.

Gonna do a White Widow next grow for that reason, Purp!

I did a Purple Haze photo that was outstanding as well.


It’s been probably 8 or 9 years since I’ve grown Widow and I’ve sort of been itching to do it again. I know I can do better than before.

Also good old NL#5. I haven’t grown Northern Lights in years. That’s some fine herb as well. Also easy as hell to grow. There’s something kinda nice and relaxing about a plant you can just set on cruise control for a whole grow and just pull down buttloads of beautiful nuggets

@Myfriendis410 i got some great purps off of MK Ultra last summers outdoor once the temps started to drop in the fall.


Heavy hitter pack , Gorilla glue easy grow high yields loves topping , Blue Dream very tall plant LST only on this one hates topping , MK ultra very short plant with a very unique high, huge fan leaves , it was really interesting growing all 3 , although they are in the same packet they bring to the grower a great variety of difficulty and technics to make each strain shine


MK ultra is Mango Kush?

Nope not Mango Kush.

Speaking of Kush I’ve got some banana kush autos I just put outside for a mid summer harvest

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Nice. Was curious because I have a mango kush in my other 4x4. Slow grower compared to GoldLeaf but shes fattening up nicely on her own schedule. Dropped them and flowered same time.

I have some banana kush and blackberry kush seeds too, will be interested to see how they develop!


Really considering banana kush photos actually

I haven’t done any kush whatsoever in a long time and banana sounded fun. I almost always do a few autos every summer for an early crop and this was it this summer.

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The Banana kush I grew outside was huge around 7ft after I bent her over a few times. It smelled like citrus and was by far the best smoke I’ve ever grown. I got 3 BK’s going right now 2 Black Widow 2 LA confidential 1 ace killer OG and 1 A10


Just a quick search…

Man!!! @AAA (i think he did em) had some AMAZING NL5 x Afghani cross… really a special plant. Had that fruity flavor with some of the frostiest plants ive ever seen! Smoke hit like a mac truck too. Couple hits and pass. By the time it comes back around ur eyes are feeling lazy and uve gained 15 lbs. :rofl::rofl:. Full blooded indica if ive ever had one. N uniform as heck. Think it came from ILGM… could be wrong tho