Suggars leaving? Or nutrience burn?


Hello grow world! N friends
Quick question, about 4 weeks into flower for my outside plants, and im noticing the fan leaves on multyple plants looking like this

Just wondering if its nutrience burn or suggars leaving the plant.
Let me know thanks


@Happygogojuice - I think it’s the plant just shedding herself , Two of my Ladies who just entered flowering are doing the same thing. I found one or two today, my plants are in the ground and I don’t give them any nutrients, now and them but mostly they get what they need from the soil , I prepare my soil so they have everything they need. I can speak for my Ladies that’s it’s not nute burn but I don’t feel absolutely comfortable about yours. There’s some great people on this forum that are so willing to help, I’ll tag a few , hopefully they can tell you for sure.



@Hogmaster @highcountrygal @Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin - Can any of you Please try to help a fellow grower. This plant needs much more experience than I have…

Thank You :heart_eyes:


Yeah the top fan leaves are dark green untouched so im not thinking its nutrence burn as well, im just trying to make sure


if ph is right on. then she wants some more phosphorous for her flowers


Ph at 6.3-6.4 so sounds good


Looks like they are naturally losing them as it should start around 4-5 weeks into flower looks good to me :wink:


Thanks hog master!
Best wishes happy