Sugar leaves turned yellow after flushing

Hi I just flushe some auto flowers and after 2 days most of the sugar leaves have turned yellow is this a problem? I know the fan leaves usually yellow but what about the sugar leaves?

Watching, mine going lime green also.

Ya it’s really weird I’ve had the start turning yellow at the end but never this fast.

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Same problem here even flushed with 15 gallons of water…Look like nitrogen def, but don’t really know

Yup I had 5 gallon cloth pots and I flushed with 15 gallons also. I flushed 12 gallons of tap water first that is 7.2ph and the last 3 gallons I flushed with 6.5 ph water.

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here’s a pic of one of them

How old? Did u feed after flush?

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Just finished week 8. The last 3 gallons I flushed with I added blackstrap to it.

Blackstrap doesn’t feed the plant. It feeds the microbes. You’ll need to add the nutrients back in after the flush.

I’m confused why would I start feeding nutes again? Just did my flush anticipating harvest in 2 weeks. Trichs are starting to turn milky I usually do my flush when that happens and most times they are ready 2 weeks after.

Didnt realize you were that close to finish, thats pretty normal for leafs to yellow at the end of the grow. At least thats what I was told on my first grow.

Ya normally they will yellow but I’ve never had the sugar leaves yellow 2 days after flush?

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Hummm don’t know bro, lost as well on this one then

Lol ya I’m pretty new to growing maybe it’s a stain thing. I’m not too worried but just didn’t know if anyone had that happen that fast. Anyway thanks for touching base with me I appreciate any help and advice

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Oh, well, you want the yellowing, then.


Oh, didn’t realize this was final flush. Yeah, the plant has no food so she’s going to eat what’s stored in the leaves. Hence the yellowing.


Ya I guess I should have specified that. Thanks for the help