Sugar leaves say it's time to harvest, trichomes say no

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y wife and I have been growing two different strains of marijuana. Two weeks ago this upcoming Saturday we started the final flush of both plants and intended to harvest this week end. We made the decision based on the appearance of the pistils. A couple of days ago we bought a small microscope and were able to ascertain that the trichomes on both plants were still clear and had not gone cloudy white. However, as you can see from the pictures I’ve attached, the leaves from plant #1 have gone completely yellow and have stated to curl and brown on the sides. Hopefully with picture 1b you can see that the sugar leaves have also turned yellow. The same is true for plant #2 except those leaves have gone from yellow to brown, including the sugar leaves. From what we’ve read, when sugar leaves turn yellow, it is time to harvest. But the trichomes are still clear and we’re two days away from the end of the two week flush.

What do you advise regarding when we should harvest?

Thank you so very much.

Stephen Neiman

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I think I’d look at harvesting sooner rather than later.


I follow whatever advice myfriends410 gives me.

But out of curiosity, do you have pictures from the microscope of the trichomes?

Beautiful plants

If you re looking at the foxtail trichs then those are going to be newer them 90% of your plant look at buds half way up the plant for accurate trich reading