Sugar leaf for oil and simple syrup?

Decarbed two batches of sugar leaves to turn into oil and simple syrup. Leaves are from Grandaddy Purple and Wedding Cake, both rated in the 24-28%THC level (naturally, that’s the buds).

I’m doing 40g of leaf in 3c light olive oil with 2t sunflower lecithin (160f) and 32g of leaf in 3c simple syrup (sugar, corn syrup, sunflower lecithin, water) (190f)

Anyone have any experience with either of these efforts and care to share?

I went away from oil extraction in favor of alcohol, myself. Just remember that sugar leaves have about 1/4 of the THC present in flower from the same plant.


So an update
40g sugar leaf decarbed, simmered (Double boiler) in 3cups light olive oil 140f for 40min, then steeped for an hour, gravity drained, 2.5cup final product.
32g sugar leaf decarbed, simmered (direct heat) in 3cups each sugar and water, 3tsp corn syrup, 1tsp lecithin, 6 strips of lemon zest at 160
f, simmered for 20min, then steeped for an hour. Drained, 3cups. Syrup simmered at 120*f until reduced to 2cup final product.

The syrup is EXCELLENT in coffee and iced tea, the oil will be used in a batch of brownies tomorrow.

Thanks for the thoughts on extraction… I’m not at that point yet, but I’m considering giving it a try to see what it’s about. I like the idea of being able to use the concentrate in whatever after ‘rehydrating’ it, and that the product takes much less space to store and it remains shelf stable.

I use coconut oil

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