Sugar instead of nutrients?

i would like to know if what they say about black sugar is true.can we use it instead of nutrients and if yes how much sugar must be used in 10lt of water?how often should we water our plants with it and how exactly is it helping plants?i ve read that it helps buds grow huge and it improves the taste,is this also true?

@stonedreamer, it can as long as its done correctly. And I wouldn’t stop all nutrients either.
Using sugar of any type should be given through the root zone during last two weeks of flower for eat results. You never want to spray it on your plants.

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We’ve covered this topic numerous times, the only time any sugar is of any benefit at the root-zone, is primarily in soil – where you have plenty of microbes in the soil to break the sugar down into something that actually can be absorbed by the roots. Sugar in and of itself can not be directly absorbed into the plant through the roots.

You can read more detailed descriptions here:

And here:

And it might be of some use in soil in transplant shock:

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ok thank you