Sufficient LED's for my budding room?

I’m an old outdoors, newbie indoor consumer with an 8’ x 8’ x 7’ budding room; four (4) 2000 watt, “full spectrum” LED’s (384) with blooming switch Apelila lights and about 1600 watts in three (3) additional LEDs.

What do ya think? Is my inventory of lights sufficient to give my growing buds all they want? I’ve got a hunch that I need more but I’m just not sure. If I need more lights, what would you recommend? My electric bill is taking a hit from what I currently have so I’ve considered some of those T4 fluorescent lights to bring out the far end of the spectrum. But I’m fairly uninformed and I’m just not sure.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. Your suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.


In total ur gonna wanna have between 1500 and 2000 watts of tru power to light up that whole space. Lights u have now most likely pull only a hundred and some watts each put all the lights u have in a 4x4 area of the tent and that should be okay for flowering the 4x4 area of the tent. Led required 35 to 59w per SQ foot. Look into spider farmer lights hlg lighting king Brite enfun QB boards light is the most important factor of growing good cannabis for ur tent tho to power it right with light is gonna cost u a pretty penny lol. I got 2 grand in lights in a 4x7x8 room if that will give u an idea on what lights will cost for good lighting. Cheap light will give u what I call cheap product lol.


I looked up the 2000 says it pulls 220 actual watts

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Lotsa room. Personally I am jealous. I would use a little less than your light can fully cover. Since new to indoor think you will like keeping some room to work. Having so many smaller lights can go 2 plants less than lights. Single out the plants. 1 per plant will do fine. Along the way a couple 600 true watt light purchases be great. Unless going wall to wall plants. Remember we do not need to feed empty space so trying to fill that big room corner to corner with light is overkill. Just my thoughts.

Thanks for the feedback. I love this place.

After finding out from @dirtydave that my four (4) main lights added up to 880 actual watts and hearing from @Mark0427 that I’m “gonna wanna have between 1500 and 2000 watts of tru power”, I looked into those three light options that @Mark0427 suggested and settled on the SPIDER FARMER. SF-4000 for $460.00. I’m going to give it another go and brace myself in the event I need any more. Thanks again


Nice choice. Best cheaper type light I’ve seen so far. Thre r others but u made a good choice. U will be pleased with the results from that baby. Check out @Hoppiefrog thread as he runs spider farmer lights in his grows and has some wicked buds bro. Frosted bugs for sure. He is a killer grower tho with major skills.