Sudden tolerance drop


Has anyone experienced a sudden tolerance drop? I went from smoking a gram of wax and then some everyday to not even being able to handle a few hits of flower real quick. I experience a different high now as well, straight to the head and just feels like an anxiety attack. Only explanation I can think of is a very drastic diet change I recently did.


Could be that, or could be the weed you’ve been smoking recently. Could be your body changing after years. Good question though!



Not sure if its a tolerance drop or not ,but the last two weeks I’ve not wanted to smoke as much , even packing the pipe ,having half a hit and just putting it down ,and not picking it back up for hours. and going all day without a smoke , that’s not


This happened to someone I know, the guy loved his flowers and hash more than most, abused it and one day just started freaking out every time he got high. Uber paranoid wh3n smoking and never really could handle it after that. Sucks.


Damn man!! Yeah it honestly started a few weeks ago when I smoked about a quarter of this super potent strawberry kush tree within like 5 hours… put out the last joint and instantly felt as if I smoked laced weed. The treat of the night I was shaking and also felt like I had consumed wayyy too many edibles. Tolerance has gone down and down ever since. Also have been sick 3 times this year and every sickness began right after a dab!! I think the sickness part was inflamed intestines from stress and over smoking.


I don’t get paranoid from smoking, or anything like that,and I haven’t been smoking more than normal, I think with having 9 strains to choose from and all high THC, I think I’m just over smoking all day and the canna caps ,really stop the cravings to smoke.


It’s pretty horrible. My friend use to smoke a fair bit on a daily basis, yet now a few times and he’s spinning out or just not comfortable, it’s genuinely like an anxiety attack when smoking. Best advice I can give you is TAKE, IT, EASY. the last thing you want is that feeling coming into your non stoned life, as it’s an absolute whore to deal with.


Thanks man! I’m having the same prob, literally 3 or 4 rips out of a 10 inch bong will send me into an anxiety/panic attack. I’ve come to a conclusion it’s because I suddenly went vegan and my body/chemistry is way off and different now. Feel like I should just stop smoking til it’s fully adjusted but don’t want those affects to be permanent


Do people experience this with indicas as well?


Yeah that’s all I personally smoke


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I really think it’s body chemistry. My thyroid died from an autoimmune disease. I haven’t been able to handle more than one rip of flower since; it’s been about a decade. I still enjoy it, but can only handle the bare minimum. Never thought I’d be happier with Mexican dirt weed.


Crazy shit man!! Glad you’re still able to enjoy flower though. You’re exactly right… body chemistry. I went vegan at the time I posted this so that is probably why I was having issues. All is good now though, dabbing diamonds all day.


The same exact thing happened to me, I smoked for about a year and a half and loved it, smoking multiple times a day every day and one night a couple weeks ago after smoking a lot I “instantly felt as if I smoked laced weed. The treat of the night I was shaking and also felt like I had consumed wayyy too many edibles.” Now “I experience a different high now as well, straight to the head and just feels like an anxiety attack.” I cant think of anything that has changed. You said you’re all good now, did you do any thing like take a break from smoking.


Hey sorry to hear you’re having that problem now! Shit sucks… really hard to say what the cause is when it happens to people too. When it happened to me, i just pushed through it. Would just keep smokning and try to handle the panic/trip feeling as best as i could. It eventually turned into a good high again, was just getting fuckeddd up from flower for two weeks or so once the panic part went away. All i can say is, if you love weed enough push through it. Gotta bring the tolerance back somehow.


What were you smoking for those 2 weeks, I used to only smoked sativa but I smoked indica for the first time for two weeks and this started to happening when I switched back to sativa.


Had some platinum bubba at the time… indica dominant. The switch up could have been the trigger, i think that a tolerance drop just happens to some people, cannabinoid receptors going through changes after smoking everyday for a while. could be wrong.