Sudden problem any ideas?

Brought this auto northern lights in from out doors because it is starting to get cold out. I have room in tent so figured I’d bring it in but now this is happening any ideas?

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@PurpNGold74 any thoughts? you saved my gsc seedlings figured id ask for your input

How long has it been inside now?
What are your temps inside and what were they outside before moving?
Were they already in those pots or did you dig them up and bring them in?

76 inside 50 outside and was in same pot outide and been inside about a week

Also doesn’t seem over watered because pot it light and has well drainage and I gave it gallon day or 2 ago

Are you feeding any nutes? What is your water pH?
I see a lot of yellow and some wilting.
I asked about the transplant because the last photo the soil looks cracked in the bucket.

So far olny gave it some PK since I brought it in

There are several others much better at diagnosing deficiency than I am.
It looks like a nitrogen problem, but perhaps a more experienced person could see it different.
Wrong pH will lock out certain nutrients too. you should be around 6.8 when watering.

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I think it’s a magnesium deficiency but I’m not 100% @Hogmaster can you help please and thank you kind sir.

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