Sudden Death of one of my Ladies

Hey guys, wanna say thanks in advance to any and all who offer help!

So to start I am growing in photos in coco with perlite ,I use Future Harvest Liquid Nutes, I am in week 4 of Veg feeding as per the Future Harvest Nute Calculator twice a day with a ph of 6 and run off around 5.5 my ppm is averaging around 1100-1250 my temp. sits pretty steady around 24-25 Celsius and my RH is constantly 50-60.I have ample fresh air coming in and the room air constantly being changed out, i am constantly running A/C in the room to keep temps down. Its an 8’x10’x6’ room, I am running 4 Tasty T4 2100 LEDs turned down to about 75% and a Mars Hydro TS3000 also at 75%.
Everything was going smooth all ladies were looking plump and perky and then 2 mornings ago when lights came on i found 1 of the Blood Orange Sorbet had extreme droop and wilt happening so i immediately flushed with water and waited and it only got worse till eventually in a last ditch effort to save her i dug her out washed off roots (which showed no signs of rot what so ever) with room temp ph’d water and switched pots and gave new coco . Needless to say she didn’t make it, now she was the only one out of 16 to have any problem so i am basically just wondering if there was anything i could done or could do in future to prevent any more loss of life. I have tried to figure out why just her but nothing is jumping out at me as to what could have been the problem. Am i chasing a ghost trying to figure out what went wrong or …

Thanks again to any and all input, help ,advice ,or knowledge!

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hmmmm. Seems like you covered all the bases. I would have maybe not transllanted it right away and waited to see if your other solutions worked. Is it possible something contaminated the one plant? Maybe a pest.

That sucks. What size pot are they in and do you have any pictures? 4 weeks into veg (4+1wk seedling)? Or 4 wks above ground?

Definitely no pests unless invisible and only after 1 plant, contaminants also highly unlikely since the affected plant was center of all the plants with no others affected. they are in 12 L pots right now soon to go into 20L ,they are now 5 weeks above ground. Sorry no pics as camera on phone is smashed but im working on it.