Success, FINALLY, There be clones in the veg tent!

@kimmy61 I am ecstatic at the discovery of two rooted (in soil solo cup) clones found in my veg tent.
apparently, clones take 5-7 weeks for rooting in the PNW 50-degree nights and 60-degree days.
Seedling mat, soil, and “dome” utilized.
DDD cloning success statistic updated and currently is 50/2 and looking forward to warmer temps.
Now I need to find happy homes for these young ladies.
Thanks to all for ILGM contributions who have made advancement possible from sharing on forum.


5 to 7 weeks is a long time…but it sets me at ease over a couple I topped and planted. One I did about 3 weeks ago and the other a week. They are hanging on, still green, the older one may be getting some new stuff showing? I have them under a T5 light in my seeding dome.

Also took some branches off the same 2 plants. I have a jar of water in the sun with 7 cutting from my Nine Pound Hammer and another jar with 5 or 6 Dutch Treat cuttings. I find that they root a little quicker in water than using Roots and potting medium.

Oh, on your clones, I’ve heard and now practice that cutting the tips off of the fan leaves sends a signal to the plant that those leaves are basically screwed, don’t put any more energy into making them grow but direct energy to the roots. Basically tells the plant that it can’t rely on those leave for energy so get it elsewhere! Last time I did this was October and all my cutting took after 2 weeks or so.

And yeah, our weather sux right now! I’m usually getting ready for outside now too, haven’t even thot about germinating my last 2 BBautos for outside. I’ll wait a couple more weeks for that!

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@Spudgunner 10 different variations of cloning techniques used. I cloned successfully from 1980-1984, but not since (Zero tolerance employer). Retired now :slight_smile: The biggest issue slowing all growth is that I am not providing heat to my tents. Temps run 50-65 in the veg tent. Half the time, the veg mat is turned off or multiple splash cups keep soil-solo-cup off the mat too far. Who knows? Now I don’t care, I can do sustained growing, till death do us part. Water was the method used in the 80’s. Now, with PH, FFOS soil, Mycorrhiza, seedling starter, and spit. I have unlocked the combo and can duplicate. Lots of trim candidates. Note: Soldering iron instantly make drainage holes in solo cups, effortlessly and cleanly (warning, breathing plastic fumes may be harmful). I recommend holding breath when fuming plastic. Leaf trimming and anti-vapor-lock cutting utilized (re-cut stalk UNDER WATER of clone candidate after a day of residence in water, from original trim). Forum poster showed clone with CAKED root starter, So I am now using ALOE VERA to make cake mixture.

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Agreed, 101 ways to skin a cat, all of them fun! (just kidding, jeesh!)

@Spudgunner Friends with A.L.F. ? the Melmakian Intergalactic Voyager? Like Edison, 999 ways NOT to make a light bulb, and one method to become successful.

LOL, Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, just made it longer lasting and cheaper to produce than anyone else at that time. So it’s him everyone remembers!
But ya, I remember ALF!

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Well, some excitement is deflated. Found a fox in the hen house or should I say an impostor in my harem. Sure looks like a cull, but part of me wants some seeds. Such a dilemma.

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@noddykitty1 seen any of these lately?

Sorry I was gone for a bit. I went to Disneyland w the kids a week.

I love making seeds. I am always a fan of using males. That’s what I do all winter long. After all the crops are in. I even clone and keep good males w trichomes or good terps. If you ask me I always say keep ‘em and let ‘em go.

I have failed every time I tried to isolate a male in flower from females in flower. Seedy weed every time. Cut off the male flowers if you are not ready to go. Keep him castrated like a bull. Till you are ready.

Found a male plant, out of the grow. HermI or seeded, I have no clue (shotgun method grower).
He was banished to outdoors, and after a few days I neutered half the plant.

Bottom four nodes remail, with only the top showing 5 sacs (small and immature).
He did not like the last few days of rain, neither did I.
Castration ends a bull, just saying. Vasectomized “Bulls” become “Gomers”.
I spent a year on a cattle ranch. Long arm required for successful AI program.
My job was to paint the Gomers chest (I was younger then). Welcome back.
My wife still wants to go BRA shopping in AlderW (“Professional shopper” or boss, I am never sure).

Another male isolated and banished today. Truthfully, at the price of seeds and the unknown origin of where did these guys come from, I may just take a shot at seeding my indoor garden. In my haste to see something, I used all my old seeds (2014?) unknown, now. The purpose of this grow was to experience growing once again (all new process, past light bulb, soil, and water). I want to get ready for fall (winter growing will be easier to manage). Sure hope my two clone successes are not those two found and banished males. Just the thought of castrating (again, cow/cattle/bull/steer/Gomer experiences) tightens my boys.

@noddykitty1 Pulled another traitor today.

Flowers and Sacs. Lowest branches have more sacs

I did find an open sac. Terminated, a good grower, but not worth keeping. I hope the damage is minimal.

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Reducing plant count, down to 5 flowering, this week. Next week, four of the best, will be the set for growing. Reducing planter size and quantity of plants due to external issues. Got to reduce to 3-gallon grow bags (lifting issues). Trim a bud daily, favoring better shaped grow and opening for air flow.
75-80 Degrees w/ 50% Humidity lights on and 60-65 degrees w/70 RH lights off, 16/8 on/off. Still trying to drop PH on run-off from current 7.7 (was 8.5). 3 weeks into flower.

I got seeds in my grow tent. Them hermis had fun somewhere. Bannished to the outdoors, for more seeds. God only knows who got who with seed, I sure don’t. Admittedly, I pollenated a couple with old or immature pollen,