Stupid question!


I am new and more that a beginner…
1 Autoflowering feminizated seeds produce seeds?
2 What about male’s? Bubs?
3 Hermes?


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  1. Feminized shouldn’t produce seeds unless the plant gets stressed into a hermie (#3)
  2. Males produce pollen (not seeds) and the female plant will seed, not the male.
  3. see #1.

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And I will ask more that… But I need to know how I reproduce my money!


Thx. So quickly :sweat_smile:


What do you mean reproduce your money?


Clones would be better than generating seeds, if that’s what you mean. IMO anyway. Making seeds takes energy away from making buds.


1-3-5 seeds cost so much money… So I need to know if I can make seeds for next grow…


Then you want feminized plants and pollinate them with a male plant. Is the only way I know for sure to get seeds


Ok then… Thx


From my understanding, all autos are feminized. At least they are from ILGM. Any female plant can produce seeds if allowed to come in contact with pollen or stressed with colloidal silver.

Males and females both run a risk of being a hermie. The wrong kind of stress to a plant increases that risk. I, myself, kill any sign of male. So I don’t know if they produce buds. I don’t think so anyway. They do produce flower clusters that will ruin your harvest.

The stupid question is the one not asked…



I’m with @Matthew420 clone your plants


If you’re asking how to become a seed supplier…? well that’s going to take a lot more reading and a lot more investigation on your part… but in the end , using feminized seeds and causing stress to manipulate them to create seeds usually will generate a plant that will create seeds that are Hermes in the future. …taking a female plant and Crossing with a male plant will produce seeds but we’ll give you half and half usually a 50/50 split between males and females… crossing a female with a hermi female may give you feminize seeds and of course a male here and there and also the occasional hermi … or you can cross a reg plant with Itself by causing it to stress out and producing seeds and those seeds as long as that’s the only plant in the room will have crossed with itself and it’s a 50-50 as far as which way the plant decides to grow and if they’re female or male or Hermie in which direction and how big of yield and in flavor there’s so many variables it’s not even funny… and if you take a reg female plant and spray colloidal silver you should get female seeds of that strain … you must do a lot of Investigation before I believe you will reach your goal… good luck my fellow grower. … :wink:

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Buying seeds is.much cheaper then buying bud


No @peachfuzz I don’t want to be a seeds supplier, I just want to make some seeds for me. I know this is extremely difficulty but I just ask.
And yes @Ds401 it is cheaper to buy seeds(or not​:wink:). In my country 1gram of weed is 20$ and that gram is really 0.7 in a lucky day, and that weed is really not good weed :frowning:


The most cost effective way is to grow your seeds until you are sure you have a female (hence feminized seeds get recommended) then clone them. You always have bud producing females at no cost to you except for a small bottle of clone gel and plugs.

You can grow a few different strains and have mother plants you clone from and never run out of babies.


Now i have anather stupid question… A friend of mine make a grow room/tent… And put inside (on wall) aluminum foil… It’s ok?


I believe you want to look into cloning more than trying to make seeds it can be done though if you have Male plant and a female plant once pollinated the female will produce seeds
But if you clone your can make one plant into 10 thus increasing your harvest 10 fold you can keep a mother plant alive for long periods and continue to clone
Do a search on this topic I think you’ll like the results
And welcome to ILGM forum @M4ur
Mylar or white paint is best
Aluminum foil can Cause hot spots and is not recommended


Couldn’t have said it better. Once I have the resources to have a room for mother plants that’s all I’m gonna do. Would panda film work as well?


Thx @Countryboyjvd1971 and @Hawkeye_diesel… I will tell him to make that room white, and about cloning, I will do more search… Thx for suport


Panda film works great too! I made my own tent with it.