Stupid plant can’t take a decapitation joke

I pinched the head off this plant three days ago, and ever since it has been acting like a first class bunghole, drooping and sulking. Is that normal, or am I the bunghole?

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Looks like you’re the “bunghole”. I just cut mine too. :joy:

Somthing dont look rite. Got any pics in natural light?

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Did you happen to transplant recently?

I do not.

If you could yake some it would help

And, what has been the result, so far?

False alarm, maybe. This morning it is all perky. Maybe it was just stress from the fimming.

As of now mine looks like I never touched it. Knock on wood. :crossed_fingers::+1:


Sweet n stuff

Soil looks a little dry. I’ve read that they should be watered, recently watered, when you top them. Have not read this on a lot of different “how-to” guides though so may be bogus.
It could also be that your little girl hit the max DLI for her. If you notice it happening towards lights out from here on she’s likely just setting up for bed time.

I don’t think I watered before topping, now that you say that, and the plant has been drooping more near lights out, lately. We’ll see what it looks like when I get home tonight.

Plants do work hard all day to make root and turn nutrients into food, normally they will phototrope ( reach for the light ) strongly for a few hours a day and go into rest periods. These rest periods have to do with transpiration rates. Once the plant hits the wall with water uptake it shuts its pores and enters a period of conservation. If you ever watch time lapse video of a plant reaching and resting over and over again it sorta starts to make sense.
With outdoor plants, the heat of the day will also cause this same wilting behaviour as the plants shut down in order to conserve water, then later, as the suns angle to the earth is greater, the plants perk up before the sun begins to fall.

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Thank you, Cannabian! Work, rest, work, rest. Sounds like humans. Are you a horticulturalist, or something?

Arborist, and organic vegetable gardener. Used to own a lawn and garden service too. We just do trees now.
I also try hard to keep up with new insights on the commercial agri world

Oh, cool. Here are some organically grown peppers that I picked today.

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very nice!

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