Stunted seedings

Will do! Thank you so much.

Any time. You look pretty well equipped already but you might enjoy seeing some of the toys, exploring cannabis commerce and sampling some of the edibles and samples some of us ILGM forum members in attendance will be sharing and gifting.


Watering day, its been two months since these two were planted.

White Widow has buds! There were eight visible and more hairs in at least five other places. The reason I said there were eight is because I accidentally broke on off. I guess I was a little too excited.

White Widow got her first dose of Dr. Earths Flower Girl with this watering.

AK has really shot up. Lots of hairs but no buds yet, so she got the usual grow nutrients.

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One more.

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Its been a while since I updated so here are some pictures and a question.

White widow has about 20 buds on her, they are small but there is a bunch of them.
Question is, they are starting to show brow hairs. They can’t be getting close yet because they are all about the size of a dime. I don’t want to harvest past prime. A little advice on her please.

AK 47 is now in full flower. She has come a long way from when I thought she was dead and gone and has given me 9 clones!

WW first then AK

Looks to me like Auto genetics did what they were supposed to and the skimpy results from these are because they were just so stunted from the start.

This is a prime example of why I would never grow autos. Is your mom going to be able to put plants right in the ground or is she limited to containers outside? I ask because they’ll do so much better in the ground.

I’ve still got 6 weeks to go before I can put mine outside but this is what they look like this morning.

So are you saying that these are ready to harvest?

Mom will be growing in 5 gallon smart pots, but not autos.

I’m not saying they’re ready. It really depends on what kind of effect you want and what stage the trichomes are at.
Check out this post by @garrigan and you decide.
You have a decent illuminated magnifier right?


Not yet, but I will get one ASAP.
As I said the buds are small and the hairs are starting to turn brown, but it would appear that what I want to see is on the leaves not the flowers?

Just goggled it. Can you make a recommendation? No idea what I am looking at.

Thank you!

What you’re looking at is the color of the little bubbles of resin glands on the flowers. The leaves will have some them too but the whole bud will be covered with them all over.

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Cool Thank you again.

OK, so I bought that micro tool. Here are the pictures I attempted to take with it. It was very hard to line up my phone and the eye piece.

From what I can see everything is still clear, not even cloudy yet. WW is in week 3 of flowering.
Can anyone see anything that I don’t? When should I flush? She has only had two doses of bloom builder.


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@Willd What do you think?

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Pretty sweet lookin’
I do see some milky looking bubbles there and a slight trace of amber. I like the heady high of less amber myself.

Knowing you’re going to have more shortly with another grow I’d say you could use this opportunity to take some now and a little more at a couple later stages to see how it effects you at 5-10% amber, 20-25% amber, and 33-50% amber.

Just a thought, but looking like they’re going to be potent already and should just continue to plump up and ripen over the next several weeks. You just don’t want to wait until it’s >25% if you prefer a strong psychoactive effect like me.

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@Willd Thank you for the knowledge!
Im looking for an active high with little to no couch lock.
Should I harvest now? Or can I wait a bit longer to get more size. They are still fairly small.

Also, when should I start flushing them. As I mentioned I have only fed them the bloom nuts three times.

Thank you!

I’d say you can wait a little longer, but if you don’t want couch lock you need to act now. I lay off the nutes for at least 7 days and water real good one time then I stop watering another 3-5 days before I’m going to harvest. I’d say with the flush time and all you can stop giving nutes now and harvest in 10-14 days. The longer you go the more couch lock effect so it’s more about the trich ripeness than the size with this grow.
They were just stunted from the get go, so there’s nothing going to change that. I’ll be interested to know how they work.

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So just to be clear, wait a total of 12-15 days since the last feeding?

Flush at 10-12 days and then no water for a few days?

So last feeding was April 10th. Water once good on the 20th and harvest on the 24th?

Now I need to google how to harvest and dry! Im so excited Im going to pee!

I will definitely let you know how they are. Please let me know if I got that right.

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Doing good. next one will be better, just watch.


@Willd it’s now the 26th. I have t watered since the 17th. I’m watching my buds closely. They are milky in color but I don’t see a single amber tricome.

I’ve read that you shouldn’t harvest until you have at least a few amber ones.

What should I do? Do I cut it down or let it go?