Stunted plants again

I have some Super Lemon Haze Auto’s problems. 1is perfect and 2 are really stunted. These are in a small tent, that’s why there’s only three, under 1000 watt led’s, fresh Ocean Forest soil, new pots, tent cleaned before each grow, 18 days up, no notes yet, 20/4 cycle, watered when top 1” gets dry, 82F constant, 30-40% humidity, small fan ventilated and I live @5400’ altitude. This my 8th grow, so still learning, but this is new. Anyone seen this?

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Well for starters welcome to the forum! Happy to have another member to educate and hopefully educate me in things I could learn on. Could be a number of things really. I assume you were saying you haven’t added nutes yet? Everytime I’ve had stunted growth its either been from intro to nutes too quickly and too much or not enough light. What is your light intensity and height at and I’ve can’t remember but I believe the ocean forest is hot for seedlings and clones and most people use happy frog in the beginning so that could be your issue. Im a coco coir grower so it would be best to search around the soil growers post but ill tag some people who might be able to help. @Caligurl @Nicky @MidwestGuy

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LED’s are 300 watt kept 9" above plants, have used O.F. for all grows, no nutes until 6th week. This grow doesn’t make sense. You can see one plant looks excellent, one not so much and one is downright sad. Have had great success using same formula last 8 grows. Wondering if I got a couple bad seeds. Company is fantastic, but things happen sometimes.

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It’s not a light issue or the top leaves would be showing it…

Are you ph’ing the water?

Did you re-use any of the soil?

Maybe ease up on the water… at that young stage they don’t need much… I let soil dry to my second knuckle.

My first guess is root problems which is why I ask about soil, watering, and ph


Good Questions, but no and definitely no - I always use fresh soil. I might agree regarding the watering if one of the plants wasn’t absolutely perfect. I’m pretty capable, but this has me stumped.

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Let me tag @Not2SureYet as he’s a mad auto grower.


Welcome to the forum, and Thanks @Myfriendis410 Altho I have never used soil. I have to lean towards @Caligurl It doesn’t take much to over water at the start and slow things down. Another I see is your light. I have used viparspectra 300s. I would have your light at 19" at the closest. I can’t even run my QBs that close at the start if they were turned all the way down. And last would be your humidity. I am pretty sure the fact it is so low is a big factor here. Having a dedicated veg tent now is teaching me a lot. Not knowing just how much there were watered. All I could say would be to let these dry out more. I stunted a plant my self from over watering. I use this one to show how much it effects them. This was done by not paying attention to this plant. And just treating every one in the grow the same. I am in coco, but same theory here. For me. I find over feeding an auto at the start will also stunt them good.

Ok, so this is a fruit punch I did at 4 weeks old :worried:

This is a week later of getting now water or feed


Those little plants straight into Ocean Forest might have stunted them. Hard to tell from the pics but the one on the right looks like nute burn on the lower leaves.

They’re autos so it’s a tough call because any amount of lost time is a big deal. You could try and just keep hitting them with plain clean water and see if they recover or just yank em and start over.

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You can get stunting and nute burn from low humidity plants take in water from the leaves as well as the roots in low humidity it forces it to take in all from the roots and in a soil like OF can cause burn

Good call. I totally forgot to mist them regularly. Can’t believe I did that. Thanks.

It may have stunted them, but I have my doubts. I have had plants in brand new FFOF soil with barely any issues.

Even my Blueberry Kush and Lemon Haze Autos loved the new soil. Tora Bora is depleting nutrients from brand new FFOF.

Look at my grow journal and you will see Tora Bora in all her glory.

Autos are more finicky than Photos no doubt. I had one plant that was smaller than the OP posted and she was 2 months old…a Photoperiod. I was going to pull her but my sister said you got this. This was my GSC on steroids and ended up taking a 4x4 tent to herself.

So you just never know how they will turn out. :+1::+1::+1:

I’ve always felt the “1-2 knuckle test” causes overwatering. I like to ensure the plant is dry way down deep before watering. With small plants in large pots it’s fairly easy to overwater.

Also, each plant is an individual and while one may be thirsty, the one next to it may not be.

I believe allowing the two on right to completely dry to the bottom will make a huge difference.

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Yea I think the low humidity and low surface temp cause my to stunt too. They are 3 weeks old blue dream autos. I think ima start over too now that I got all my timers set where the temp and humidity are stable.