Stunted? Photos!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • 5-6” tall @ 4 weeks (28 days) today
  • x2 CDB Kush + x1 Amnesia Haze (autos)
  • rock solid 73-75° F / 46-50% rH
  • MG Nature’s Care (+ perlite, mycorrhiza)
  • 1st feed was this week (GH micro/gro/bloom)
  • alternating feed/flush when top 1” is dry
  • water pH 6.5
  • 5 gal pots
  • SpiderFarmer SF1000 currently 70%, 30”
  • 18:6 light/dark

What am I doing wrong??? :weary:


Sorry, first-timer… additional info below:

  • Indoor grow
  • ILGM seeds (new)
  • Dechlorinated, filtered tap water
  • Up/down active temp and humidity control
  • 4” filtered exhaust
  • No supplemental CO2 (but adding soon)
  • Budget $1200 (17% remaining)
  • 1st grow w/ two months R&D prior to planting

Just being a little impatient is all. They look like they are just sitting there doing nothing but in reality under the surface they are working like ants in the fall. Roots are stretching and getting ready to feed what is to come.
This “pause” is normal and essential to healthy growth. These are approx a week apart starting about where yours are now. Yours look prettier than mine.

Started LST real early. :arrow_down:

Has been topped :arrow_up:

Topped again (only one more branch)


I had to look up Miracle Grow Nature’s Care to see what was in it. It is coco coir with unspecified nutrients that are suppose to feed your typical house plant for up to two months.

Coco is not soil and must be treated differently. Soil requires wet/dry periods, coco should remain wet, with coco you can feed your plants several times a day. Soil supplies nutrients to the plants for a month or more, coco has no nutrients of its own so it requires feeding from the first real set of leaves. The Natures Care has added nutrients, but they may not be in the ratios required by cannabis. Coco also has “receptors” that bind with your nutrients so it’s common to block those receptors with cal-mag added to your daily feeding.

If you want to grow using coco then buy coco with or without added perlite. Forget the natures care. Coco requires buffering with cal-mag and you can buy coco pre buffered, or you can buffer it yourself and add perlite.

If you want to grow in soil then get cannabis friendly soil. There are stores near where you live that will save you a bunch of money if you buy from them rather then online. Soil is not cheap to ship and Amazon builds that price into their cost so they can ship for free. Buying locally will be less then half the price of buying online. If you don’t know where to look use the Fox Farms dealer locator that will show you stores in your area that are likely to sell cannabis friendly soil. Some big box stores sell nutrients but not soil so don’t look at those, look to the small stores that sound cannabis friendly.

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Give them time there probably establishing a good root system

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Thanks all - seems like a little patience was the ticket. While they still seem a little small for their age (34 days pictured below), I am happy that they are healthy and continue to grow steadily :slightly_smiling_face:

Also… there was one clear runt in the pack that never really took off. Sensing that this one was super stressed, I removed her from the tent fearing that she might hermie. Interestingly, having spent a few days now near a window, she’s starting to show stigmas despite her diminutive size… she is exactly 1” long, leaf-tip to leaf-tip, at her widest point.

Is this normal? Could she actually bloom/bud? What do you all think?

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Definitely a runt.
That is the funniest thing I have seen so far today!
Basically everything below that 1st node is taproot.
If there was a safe way to get it in a pot big enough to cover that up to the point where it actually looks like a stem, it would grow and make a small bud.
You can fill the pot to the rim and mound up as high as possible. That might give it enough support to “finish”. LOL


U will be right just be patient and they will grow nice and healthy what nutrients are u using are u using bottled nutrients or organic nutrients

@HMGRWN @Tezza2 @WestieGreens
The Forum should have a contest of freak/runt/weird plants. I’ve had one… But have seen some other strange ones here


This one is like 2 weeks old. LOL


Crazy tiny!!!