Stunted outdoor grow

Hey guys,

I had a pretty successful first outdoor grow in 2020.

Initial rookie error of using Miracle-Gro compost aside, I brought in c. 4oz from two plants (Alpujarrena and BCN Critical XXL), relying on bio-bizz bloom for my nutrients.

Last year was a disaster, despite using Bio-Bizz All-Mix and Light-Mix soil, alongside BioBizz Alg-a-mic; Grow; and Bloom, my two Narco Purps (by Cream of the Crop) plants were severely stunted and yielded c. 15g. Having tried to consecutive grows with the same strain that year I put it down to poor seed/genetics quality.

Annoyingly, I’m pretty worried that the same thing is happening again this year in terms of stunting and would love some help diagnosing the problem(s) to figure out what’s going wrong vs. that first successful grow.

Strain: FastBuds Pink Lemonade: Buy Purple Lemonade Auto Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds
Pot: Fabric 12L pot
Soil: BioBizz LightMix
Nutrients: Alg-a-mic and BioBizz Grow dosed according to schedule
Time since first leaves: 18 Days

Here’s a couple of photos.

BIG thanks in advance :black_heart:


Only looks like a couple weeks old and it’s in a large pot for the size plant. It’s just trying to fill up the pot with roots and then you should see upward growth. Next year try to get them outside in June and they should yield well if you can avoid bud rot and pests :call_me_hand:t3:


I think it looks fine. Should take off soon.


Nice one for the swift reply guys. I think the first leaves arrived c. July 7th so maybe I’m being overly pessimistic based on last year…

Yeah it was a little late this year but we’ve had decent weather this summer so far.

Good point re: the pot size. I think one key learning is that I’m going to start in smaller pots (like I do with tomatoes etc) before popping into the final pot so that I’m developing a better root system.

Do you have any tips on watering given the pot vs. plant size? I’m watering 2 inches outside the circumference of the leaves, using probably around 2 litres. The top soil (a couple of knuckles deep) seems to dry out within 1-2 days - guessing because I’m using fabric pots.


Watering techniques sound good. Just keep doing what you’re doing and they should take off soon :call_me_hand:t3:


Mine are slow growers as well. Sprouted on 7/1 and 7/3.


I feel like something is wrong with them, but could be stressing over nothing.

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Similar situation. Are you indoor or outdoor?


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Mine sprouted early July outdoors and in same boat as you.

I’m being patient… but I’d like them to finish on the deck and not have to go into tent in Oct

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Thought I’d share an update on this.

Approximately one-week later, so now at 25 days, some decent growth, but it’s looking pretty stunted. I can also see pre-flowers starting to emerge which makes me think it’s not going to get much larger?

Really not sure what’s happened again this year vs. that first year in 2020…Maybe just beginners luck…Or maybe Miracle-Gro is preferable to BB All/Light Mix?!

How are yours looking @VirginiaGrowBoy ?

Y’allwant toò seè some fun growth. Go to walmart or any store get 60 red worms split them up between pots. Sit back boom growth exploxion@dan3d @JaneQP @Aussie_autos

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