Stunted Jack Herer auto

I moved my plants outside at 3 weeks and they are just starting to fill out after 2 weeks which makes the plant 5 weeks old. Will this just take a bit longer till cultivation or will I just get a smaller yield?

I’m not sure what your question is, but will try to address it. If you have an auto that is 5 weeks old, then you will have at least 8 to 10 weeks to go until harvest.

Has it started flowering yet?

It has not. I had it in a one gallon pot in a tent for three weeks, then moved outside and cut away the pot and placed into conditioned soil. I am behind most 5 week pictures I see on line which makes me wonder if it got shocked. Nothing seemed to change in the leaves or stalk as far as color or shape, it just seems slowly growing.

It will maybe make the whole process take a bit longer, but more than likely, they will have a growth spurt and make up the time

As for yield? Jokers wild. You can’t know what you might have had, as opposed to what you get but slowdowns are normal

Even if she seems stalled above ground, she very well is likely to be growing underground

I wouldn’t count on pics of other grows to calibrate your expectations for an auto. They kind of do their own thing. Results can vary quite widely with autos.

They be biaches


Thanks for the input. It has been raining a lot here the past few days and probably for the next week. I just started flowering nutes sparingly so Ill see where they go from here. This is my first time from seed to bud so I guess Im doing ok.