Stunted growth?

Note: LED lights are on only for pics and for when I work in the closet (30w each)

Hi guys, I’m 3 weeks into flower with a 400w HPS, but the plants don’t really look like anything is happening. They seem to have stopped growing as well as stopped flowering…or I’m I being super paranoid? 1st grow in this new set-up.

  • Closet size is 3 wide x 2 deep x 6 high, with a 420cfm to 560cfm exhuast (Im running it on low 420cfm + an extra large carbon filter because it has less restricted air flow and gets rid of all the smell)

  • Extraction is a 6 inch, plastic fan pulling through a carbon filter and intake are holes in the closet floor. Enough to create some negative pressure for odour control. VENTING IN THE ROOM ONLY

  • Vegged for 4 weeks with 400w MH (yellowing and mites during veg)(remedy was to move lights further and dip in Neem/water solution)

  • medium: Peat moss + vermiculite + perlite in 4.5 gal pots (I think)

  • Watering about 1liter per pot once lights come on every 2 days.

  • Nutes is Biogrow 2ml/liter and Biobloom 2ml/liter. (steadily increasing bloom nutes while decreasing grow nutes per week). And feeding with every watering as stated on the bottle. I tried feeding every 2nd or 3rd watering but got extreme yellowing of leaves so I upped nutes which fixed some problems.

  • Ph varies…one watering I will ph to 5.5, next watering to 6, next watering to 6.5, then to 6 again, then 5.5,etc

  • Temps are (17 celcius) 62@ lights out and (21 celcius) 69@ lights on.About mid winter here now so a bit cold. Humidity is between 55% and 75%

-2 fans blowing upward (1 in front and 1 behind pots)

Left - Cheese
Mid - LSD
Right - Kush

I’ve particularly been having trouble with the LSD (center plant - or pic 4) since the start as its nodes were too close together and the plant wasn’t stretching at all - bulb was 1 foot from canopy at the time. Then the new growth was miniaturized in 2nd week of veg and I moved the light a total of 2 feet from the tops. New growth started looking better but at 2nd week 12/12 they started getting miniaturized as seen in pic (middle plant). The other 2 plants are suffering as well but to a lessor extent.

The Cheese and Kush seems to be nute burned or their PH is off. I haven’t measured the PH of the run off at all, but since my PH going in is always 5.5 to 6.5 could the run off be way out of that range?

My plan is to get 2 new cheese clones tonight to replace the LSD plant which I am throwing out…but before doing that,I need to know what the problem could be so that I’m at least learning something. My light was 1 foot away from these plants but they still seemed to be getting too much light as the new growth from all of them were miniaturized and yellowing. When I moved the light 2 feet away, they grew a bit but now it looks like there growth has stopped but the flower hairs have only really started developing on the cheese only (left).

Could it be the low temps? or the way I’m doing my PH? root problems? Could venting into a closed room cause co2 deficiency?

Should I toss these pots and start with 3 new girls as I am aiming for at least 1oz from each pot? Tossing the middle plant tongit and will be getting 2 (big-ish cheese clones to take her place) These were all cuttings from healthy mothers.

The shorter bushy plants could merely be genetics. So…

What % of Peat to Perlite to Vermiculite?

PH should be at a steady 5.8-6.1 By constantly changing the PH you may be the cause of this issue. PH needs to beconsistent throughout grow,

This medium will work fine, but requires closer attention than other soil-less or hydroponic mediums. Watering a liter every 2 days may not be enough. That could be contributing to your issue.

Finally, to your nutrients.What measure of nutrients is recommended on the label? It looks to me to be on the weak side, but without seeing the label directions; I cannot be sure.

I cannot fathom why you would want to start over after the time that has been put into this grow. Regardless of yield; You will be wasting 6 weeks or so.

I’m not sure the exact % but it would probably be, 70% peat, 15% verm, 15% perlite. What would be a better medium to use?

Nutrient guide for Biogrow is 2ml to 4ml at every watering during veg and flowering. For biobloom its 2ml to 5ml at every watering combined with the biogrow for flowering. I always thought it is better to feed on the lower end because the leaves were turning dark green during veg, but will increase nutes at the next watering, as well as water more regularly to see if it changes anything.

The reason I would want to start over (only with the LSD plant, is because it doesn’t look like its going into flower at all. The leaves are all very small and there aren’t really any hairs appearing. So instead of waiting another 6 weeks for a few dry grams, if any at all, I could put two clones in its space to make better use of the light.