Stunted growth, weird looking leaves


A question from a fellow grower:

I am a 1st time grower. I received my order on June 5th (10 white widow), went through germination process (w/ 3 seeds) and did 1st several weeks under many 40 watt CFLs. After 2 weeks, then switched them to 400 watt MH. I started having some issues with 2 of the plants a few days before putting them under the MH lights. On 1 of them in particular, the leaves look terrible (curled, small, discolored, etc.) and their growth is stunted. However, the 3rd one is progressing great, It already has a row of 5-lobed leaves. I just was curious if it was something I am doing wrong (the likely candidate) or a genetic issue w/ the seeds. All 3 of the plants are in potting soil and have had the EXACT same conditions since day 1 (light, soil, humidity, water, etc.). I would be happy to send pictures if it would help? I really would like to remedy this issue.

Strain: White Widow (from ILGM, Robert Bergman special buy 5 seeds get 5 free)
Soil: Basic Potting soil from Walmart
pH: I haven’t checked…I need to get pH measurer
Nutrient mix: None, just water, air, & light baby!
Indoor: Upstairs bedroom, no one living in it, about 6 foot ceiling, and 15ft x 10ft in square footage (plants are confined to 3x3 area); I do have an AC unit running to help maintain temperature in the grow room
Lights: 400 watt MH in reflective hood with fan blowing across lights
Temps: uppers 70’s, low 80s during day and mid 70’s during night
Ventilation: Fans, AC unit, and coming in and out of the room 3x/day (opening & closing door)
Humidity: Range has been between 40-65% day and night
CO2: No
Dehumidifier: Am not currently using, but I do own a heavy duty one


a couple of things you’ve already made one investment if you can sep up into a ph pen and a ppm pen .both can be had on Amazon or ebay for less than and will pay you great dividends .in the mean while try feeding it distilled water . NO MINERALS added it should have a ph 6.7 neutral .this will buy you some time to get Much needed items :slight_smile: these 2 items are a must for their cost… seeds are expensive :cry:. as to the strain i haven’t personally grew Roberts white widow . but many on this site have and it seems to be a strong growing plant … the plant looks either over watered or ph problems …PS order the test solutions with these pens .their cheap and itll give you peace of mind as to accuracy … i test my ph pen Every time i use it keep them in distilled water in between uses rince after use . also find those that are one touch calibration …no itty bitty screw driver and ps the glass ball on the end is fragile VERY .lolol the new eco replacement modle cost me 50. us ha was wiping it off to hard .:open_mouth: Hope this helps alittle Hammer


I believe your biggest issue is your potting soil. Seeds should be started ina seed starting mix, jiffy pellets or horticubes such as “Oasis”, or, “Rockwool”

A Potting mix almost always contains fertilizer, and you never want to expose your sprouts/seedlings to fertilizer until they have developed a strong root zone

pH is not as important at this point. Your issue is that you started seeds in potting mix, instead of a neutral medium. :slight_smile:


First I would like to Welcome? You to I L G M.

I totally agree with @Hammer … you hit that hammer dead on.,

Other wise your plants look great ! And as a reminder …No nutrients v until they havem 5 to 6 sets of trure leaves



I started mine in rapid rooter and I will never do that again. Out of 7, 7 germinated and only 2 might make it. Man am I bummed. Only learn from mistakes tho.


Started 3 ilgm white widow recently, 2were strong one had issues…

All exactly the same conditions. One was a little weaker, weird leaves like yours at first but it caught up after two or three weeks

in your case I think you have more going on. I agree with the above posters I think your first step should be pH, the other plants are probably tolerating it but that one’s probably having a hard time.

I doubt its the plant, these ilgm WW’s plants are awesome!

They are so heavy with buds you will be busy trying to tie them all up ! …you’ll love it !
-good luck


I will get on Top of getting those things! Thanks so much for the advice!


I’m stoked!
So bc I am a new grower I am not sure what nutrients to get for the vegetative t stage. And how much to dilute. And how often to water with dilute and when. To do water only. Andy advice general guidelines? Or brands that are best?


Looks pretty good to me.


I would get the most common and the most simple that I could find if I were just starting out (eg. Fox Farms, General Hydroponics Flora)

That way if you have any questions with the product there’s sure to be somebody familiar with that product who can help you, plus it’s already a tried-and-true winner !
-good luck


Just ordered! Thanks.


This is an ilgm White Widow. It’s all I can do to keep the buds off the floor lol!


youll get the hang of it . :>] don’t think it’s to much nutes in no leaf tip burn …


one last thing look into a small R.O. system if you can …it’s one of the best investments .i made … you don’t need a big one at all . And man it allows you plants to consume nutes … and grow like crazy .


ive used rapid rooters before had mixed and Good results , the main thing thing with them is to not over water them , if you do use a couple of dry paper towels to soak off excess.Hammer


I won’t try them again. I’m already mad about my first grow. I will use Roberts suggested germinating process. Thanks tho.


these days i pretty much DWC … use soil some times to start a mother other wise i hydro its easer for me as to over all maintaining … Hammer


What is DWC. I’m not too familiar with some of these terms.


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I would not have recommended GH for soil.

I woud recommend Botanicare Pure Blend Pro. It is organic and great with soil.soilless grows. I would only advise GH Flora for hydroponic grows. It will most likely work for you.

Wish you a great grow. Let’s prove me wrong. Happy growing :slight_smile: