Stunted growth, leaves going yellow to purple to white. Not sure where to start

First time grower here that has been failing, but, have fallen in love w the process. I hope you can help me. I saw signs of over watering(yellowing leaves) and too much nitrogen(I think). I started to slow my watering, even though the surface seemed too dry. The plant just stopped growing. A new leaf would appear and another would turn purple, then white, then fall off . Not sure what this means?! Pictures and specs below.

White leaves

This is week 11

  • I’m trying Pineapple Expressways from Amsterdam Seed Co - amsterdammarijuanaseeds
  • I’m using Mother Earth Groundswell performance soil in cloth pots - mother-earthproducts
  • Watering w purified water ph of 6.5. Haven’t checked run off… I also used a worm tea few times
  • Tried a 1/2 solution strength of Soul Grow by Aurora Innovations - planetnatura
  • Indoor plywood box 2’Wx2’Dx8’H. In a large storage closet. The storage closet is located in a parking garage (I live in a 4 plex) underneath the building, 1/2 mile from the ocean.
  • Light system - VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series…
  • Temps - 72-89F, Humidity 40-60%. Not sure of Day vs night. I have a temp/humidity that gives me the range and current reading.
  • Ventilation system - AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4, Quiet… fan to suck in fresh air. Also a small portable fan - LORELL 6" Clip-On Fan,2-Speed,5’… blowing indirect.
  • No AC or dehumidifier

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I can’t answer your question but I can tag someone with more knowledge on deficiency.

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Soil looks good. Numbers look good. Not sure what the holdup is growth wise. Maybe a bit more water (outside the wet circle and away from the stem) would help… at 11 weeks she should be a good bit bigger…

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New growth looks good perhaps just stunned her pretty good that will definitely hinder growth. You mentioned the over watering just let her dry out really well and keep an eye on the new growth.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll remove it immediately

I didn’t see how to edit it?! I think admins did it for me.

Thanks. Maybe I hurt it early and it couldn’t recover. Theres been some new growth but as it reaches up the lower leaves will rot away.